Is Climate Change Real

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Change is real. Contrary to popular belief however it is not completely, or exceedingly, the fault of humans. Though some, we have little impact on it. Due to the fact that methane is naturally released from the earth in large amounts, it’s a giant cyclical event, and we have ample proof large climate changes have happened both before humans and while humans are here no person should be made to believe that climate change is their fault.

Yes, humans produce many tons of methane, nevertheless, the earth has hundreds of glaciers that produce even more methane than all of mankind. In recent years climatologists have discovered that glaciers are the perfect producer of methane. They have large pockets in them that microbes from the last ice age produce untold loads of methane in. And the more the ice melts, the more methane is released which melts the ice more until there is none left. And then the cycle starts over.

Speaking of cycles climate change is one. There is no way to tell exactly how long these periods last though. In each cycle, there is a warming and cooling. Scientists have used many methods to further prove this and one of the most unique methods is to look at wood rings. In the wood scientists can tell if it was a warm decade or a cool decade by how close one ring is to the next, Stradivarius violins have been used to procure results since they are made from trees with information from over 300 years ago.

Humans haven’t been around for that long, compared to animals and the planets at least. Climate Change has been happening for millions of years and it will for millions more, humans or not. Scientists have extensively researched how long climate change has been happening and there is no set date of when it began, we do however know that there have been many extreme climate periods when humans weren’t here. One good example of this is the Eemian period, which started out very cold, so much so that most of Canada and Russia were frozen, then it started to warm and turned into our current climate period. In Mexico there are cenotes that 10,000 years ago were inhabited by humans, there are fire rings and skeletons, today they are under thousands of gallons of water and in tunnels a mile deep, humans couldn’t have changed the climate then.

In conclusion, the earth produces more methane than mankind, climate change is a cycle, and it’s going to happen humans or not. The most we can do is educate people and that is what I’m calling on, help educate more people with this information.


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