Climate Change in Pakistan

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How many projects Pakistan adopted for climate change and how many changes have Pakistan brought for the betterment of climate change? According to your point of view, these projects are successfully implemented in Pakistan? There are numerous projects that are being adopted by Pakistan and the government is working hard to get into compliance with international treaties and arrangements on environmental benefits. So, Pakistan has taken effective steps in combating the environmental changes happening in the light of guidelines that are being adopted. Total of 17 projects is being adopted. These touches almost every area that is concerned with environmental protection like, water, sanitation, trees, forestation, protection of endangered species, carbon emissions, proper land management, and proper use of geographic methods that will result in better tackling of these environmental targets.

Geomatics Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development Project While in terms of efforts being done, Pakistan has been an active actor in this matter. Its carbon emissions are just 1%. It has developed a committee under the supervision of Prime Minister in 2005 that regularly monitors the changes happening in the country and how those changes will affect the country, region and eventually the whole world. A special task force that closely monitors the environmental changes in the country was created in 2008 by Planning Commission of the country. Pakistan strongly endorses the plans and strategies of 2010 of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation as the country was hit by strong floods in that year.

Pakistan is working with thirteen international organizations including World Bank and focused on the proper allocation of water resources, proper agriculture, developing forests, properly maintaining and preservation of mountains and glaciers, retaining and preserving the natural habitat and coastal areas development. It is planning to create small regional authorities that will monitor these changes and will be able to take effective measures. Yes, I believe that the government is serious in the implementation of projects that will be effective in avoiding damages caused by climate change. Government has been serious and doing efforts at national, provincial and regional levels. Its first steps was how to stop those damaging effects and now it is working on how to also avoid those and sustain the steps that are already been taken.

As told by international authorities and the main concern for the government is of funds. Pakistan itself cannot take those measures and consistently fight these changes. International organizations are working to contribute more into the efforts of the government. Government is contributing a huge chunk of the budget up to Rs. 7600 million for environmental protection in recent budget and has made significant decisions for this cause. So, the government is working seriously in this matter but it cannot be done without people’s effort and we also have to help our governments in this tough task. 

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