Communication Device in Modern Society

    Cell phones have become a major communication device in our culture. No matter where someone turns they see somebody holding a phone, talking on the phone or even texting. This is because mobile phones have consumed their lives. Technological communication devices have revolutionized the world. Many children and teens in the world have cell phone, but for what purpose? Do they really need them or is it just following a trend? Many people believe that there

    This preview has intentionally blurred parts. Unlock to view the full content. Unlock Document should be an age limit that prohibits the use of cell phones. Would this help our society to become less reliable on technology or just start a problem? The proponents for an age limit of cell phone usage believe that mobile devices cause distractions (while driving, while in classroom, and while taking a test), are ways of cheating, younger age of sexting, decrease test scores, and it cost a lot of money. The opponents believe that mobile devices help children and teens communicate with parents and friends.The first reason the proponents believe cell phones should have an age limit is because they are a distraction.

    “One of the most serious concerns about teens and cell phones is their use of the technology while driving. Over half of teens ages 16-17 who own cell phones reported that they have talked on a cell phone while driving. Over a third of teenagers have texted while behind the wheel. Boys and girls were equally likely to report both talking and texting while driving” (The Cell). This is very common because teens usually get their phones from an earlier age, so they believe that they have mastered texting and multi-tasking with other things. But when paired with driving, an already complex task, they consider it just another “multi-task” with texting so they take a risk with themselves and with other drivers on the road.The proponents also believe that cell phones are a distraction in the classroom. “The use of cell phones during class and study time causes detrimental effects for students, according to a survey taken in December 2009 by 185 SMU students on”(Pottharst). Cell phones distract 89 percent of students while they are studying and nearly 77 percent of students while they are in class. This distraction does not just include receiving unexpected phone calls during class; it also refers to text messaging, logging into Facebook, checking emails, etc. – all of which can involve the use of one’s cell phone (Pottharst).

    The proponents believed that using phones in the classroom can also pressure a student to cheat. This is the second reason there should be an age limit on cell phones. “Most of the teens in the focus group said that they have heard that other students have used cell phones to cheat, and some admitted to doing it themselves. Themes from their focus group responses indicate that cheating is carried out through the cell phone by texting test answers to others, taking pictures of

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