Cause and Effect


In our daily lives, we normally come across many activities that requires us to take actions either immediate or delayed in nature. When we are faced with any critical event and we are alone, we definitely know that it is our responsibility to act on them failure to which the outcomes will blame on us. However, when we are in a group and a critical event needs our actions, we may be faced with a dilemma on who is supposed to act on the matter, which may have either a positive or negative impact on our lives.

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This paper aims to discuss the “responsibility-diluting effect” that occur when several people witness a critical event.

First of all, it is normal that people in a group tend to assume that their partners is more responsible for actions that occur when together. This assumption drives them to believing that they play a little role in matters that may pose danger to others, imagining that a counter will take care of the matter. When faced with a critical event therefore, each of them turns to their neighbor in hope that he will solve the issue. For example, in the event of a child running across the road with a car approaching, a group of people able to catch the child may look for one another which leaves the child to run because of failure to act. A continued assumption that others will take care of the event may however result to an individual developing a dependence personality disorder which leads to them acting always in expectation of others.

The other major cause of people acting in this manner if the fact that there always appears to be a fear of failure when an individual decides to act and do not make it as expected. People might be willing to help in the case of a particular critical event, but the fact they may be embarrassed keeps them off from the activity. For example, in case of an emergency, a person may fail to call the police even if he has the opportunity to do so citing that they may fail to turn up which can lead to group embarrassment. The major effect of this is that individuals may have fear to an extent of leaving that which is critical to them and fearing to be ashamed in front of their groups.

Consequently, ignorance among people may play a major role for the cause of responsibility-diluting effect during a critical event. As a fact, people might have tendency of believing that what an event leads to is normally felt across groups. A person in a group may feel that the resultant effects is felt across the whole group and thereby fail to take action to deter the bad results from happening. For example, a person might feel that getting lead of garbage from the compound should be for the whole society and may feel that the effects that it brings will be felt across the group. This in turn may result to the Peron been affected individually and not as a group.


In conclusion, it is clear to say that people do not strain much when they are in a group in case of a critical event. When faced with a critical event, normally we tend to look for our partner’s response, we may also decide to delay the action in fear of embarrassment, or we may ignore and leave it for others to do. These acts however should be stopped as their impacts are always negative and everyone should start feeling responsible for various actions that occur on their face. Making yourself responsible even on the face of others can have tremendous impacts which may appear good for the others who the critical event was to be directed to.

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