BlacKKKlansman American Comedy-Dama Movie

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BlacKKKlansman is an American comedy-drama movie that was directed by Spike Lee. The movie was originally released in 1966 as Crossed the Color Line and was later recast and released in 2018. Its main character is an African American male named Jerry Ellsworth. His daughter is among those who die in a church after being bombed by a racist. Jerry decides to revenge his daughter's death and to exact the revenge he joins the group responsible for the murder and slowly comes up with a way of killing all the members.

Do the Right Thing is also a Spike Lee movie that was released in 1989. It is a comedy- drama movie. The film is based on racial tension in a certain neighborhood that later excavates to an unforgettable calamity. In this film, there are different actors and diverse racial opinions and attitudes. Some characters have issues with black Americans, Italians, white officers and Koreans. In a heated argument, the character crushes over the different races and express their distaste in each other. They haul intimidating cultural insults where they use terms such as negro, which escalates things. A racists officer chokes one of the characters to death. The film spearheads the effects of racism and how the negativity eventually haunts people leading to incidences that could have been avoided.

BlacKKKlansman and do the right thing movie have several similarities. The key similarity is based on the theme of racism. Both movies are written and directed by Spike Lee and are both comedies. The movies show the effect racism has on people attitudes and how these opinions can result in consequences hard to come back from like murder, violence, and destruction of property.

BlacKKKlansman and Do the Right Thing film are different in the way the message on racism is put across. In the BlacKKKlansman movie the theme is more of applauded and does not show the viewers the negativity of the vice, but in the Do the Right Thing, the film brings to light the dangers of racism and how it negatively impacts people. It clearly shows how bad the hatred and uttered opinions on race can bring the entire society into war.

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