Book Vs. Movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

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There are many differences when most literary works become movies. Usually because the director wants to cut parts out because he does not feel they are important enough to make the final cut. That is usually true for all works that are made into movies. The book will go more into depth about people, things, and places because they have more chapters, characters, and views on certain things than the movies will go into. When J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone and was published in 1997, it became a huge success around the world. The movie was created five years later in 2002. There were differences throughout the two of them as they usually are between literary works and movies.

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“Book Vs. Movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

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First, one of the big differences are how characters are portrayed and how they appear, such as looks and appearances. Harry Potter in the book is explained as smaller for his age, has a scar, obviously, crazy messy hair, and green hazel eyes. In the movie he does not have the crazy hair, is normal height for his age compared to the others and has blue eyes. Other ones include Ron, Harry Potter best friend, not having a long nose. Where in the book he is described as having a long nose and a little dorky, with red hair and freckles. Also, the Uncle and Aunt, who took Harry Potter in after his parents died, are described as blonde in the book. Details such as these are left out in Hollywood because usually, they do not care about the little details, but they are found by the ones who have read the book.

Secondly, some little details in the book versus the movie are how harry potter sees his parents in the mirror when he is snooping around Hogwarts. In the book he sees his whole extended family that has passed on. Another is in the book when they Harry, Ron, And Hermione are going through their tasks to get to the Scorers stone. The movie left out the potion task, in the book Hermione completes a potion task to get through to the next stage. In the movie, she just stays behind to show aid to Ron after they win in the chess game.

This just shows how different and certain things will be cut out of a movie. Sometimes they can not see every detail but everyone who has read the book sees it. Sometimes the director cuts out parts that you really liked in the book out of the movie. Showing differences between movies and their books.

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