Biomes and Invasive Species

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Biomes are a group of animals and plants that both have a certain impact on the environments. Biomes are found in the different continent in the world. They are distinct natural populations that have developed as a result of climatic changes. Biomes in some environment have been eliminated due to harsh temperatures, ph. changes, low temperatures, and others climatic condition. These plants an animal tend to lose in the environment because they lack features that can adapt climatic changes in the environment. they are different types of biomes in the environment examples micro biome are those living organism that are smaller mostly unicellular organism example bacterial, fungal and some plant species. They are macro biomes, this is multicellular organism. Biomes can be found in different environment oceans and also in the lands. Examples of biome are the Coral leaf that is found mostly in the oceans and sea.

Coral they are marines species of invertebrates that are the group in the class of Anthozoa. They are mostly found in colony form and most of them are identical. They are found in tropical oceans, most of this organism is known by producing calcium carbonates which result in the formation of the hard skeleton in their body. Most of this species they are genetically identical, they have a poly that its shape is a sac-like. Also, compose of tentacles that cover the mouth, have an exoskeleton that is secreted in the body. The colony of this organism makes a large exoskeleton that is one of the most important characteristics of this organism.

In addition due to harsh climatic changes in the marines environment, this organism have lost, high temperatures and change in Ph. have contributed to the loss of the organism. The coral always survives in the marine that environment temperature is low and in high Ph. due to calcium carbonates. Also due to mining activities and pollutions in the ocean also contributed to the disappearance of the organism (Hutchings, 1986). Some researchers have proven that pollutions in most continents are also the cause of the disappearance.

This organism has a lot of commercial benefit to the human being; they are used in the manufactures of jewelry. Due to the high amount of calcium carbonates which result to skeleton gives the organism demand. This skeleton is removed and used to make jewelry. It also a source of food to the most marine's species example fish which is a source of food to the human being. The coral has been also proven to have a medicinal value to the human being to treat cancer and also the pain. Some researchers have proven that the skeletons of the coral can be used in the bone grafting. This organism despite it disappearance scientist should intervene and develop with a method of how they can be saved and improves its habitat due to its commercial demand to human health.

In conclusions, despite the disappearance of coral due to environmental changes in the sea it has many benefits to the human being. These organisms are used to manufactures jewelry which has a lot of demand in the market. Also production of useful medicines which are used to treat dangerous diseases such as cancer and AID, this organism should be maintained and improves it the marine environment to prevent disappearance.


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