Vaping: why it’s Harmful

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 Vaping has become common in the contemporary world. It happens when one decides to use electronic means to do their smoking. It is aimed at stimulating the body to be in a position that enables it to have a feeling of smoking. This is made possible by handholding an electric device that has a heated liquid to generate some vapor inform of an aerosol that is consumed through inhaling. It is a modern way of using e-cigarettes to generate a feeling that one has when they smoke cigarettes (Whitten,Aulakh,Verma,Cross Hsu, Stoner,& Barrows,2018). It's one of the ways of ensuring that one gains the feelings that they get when they use other stimulants without necessarily having to take the tobacco products.

Negative effects of vaping

Vaping involves the use of e-cigarettes which are electronically induced. This happens through heating of a coil and a liquid containing nicotine products which are found in some form of battery. One of the implications of this is that the nicotine products and contents go directly to the lungs. This is also done to the bloodstream which concentrates the blood to all the parts of the body. The blood containing the nicotine, therefore, floors to all the body parts making a distribution to be even to all the organs. This nicotine also contains tar which discolors the lungs (Etter,2018). The discolored lungs are subject to other lung-related diseases that make it possible for the lungs to malfunction. This is so dangerous to the human lungs owing to the fact that lungs play a very crucial role in the human body.

The nicotine products can cause irritations in the lungs airways. This has a long term effect of affecting the breathing mechanisms in the lungs. Interference with the breathing makes the life of the person to be endangered because there can be no free air circulation. Lungs play a very important part in making the body to have air circulation. It is well the exchange of gases takes place as well as other respiratory functions that makes the air refreshed.The presence of irritation in the airways is, therefore, a big brother to the exchange of gases in the lungs, something that can make the flow of air in the body to be interfered with. People who vape therefore have a likelihood of inviting some breathing difficulties in their life as well as lung related diseases including the invasion of cancer in the long run.

Vaping involves the use of energy that is needed when taking the chemicals through the lungs. Because the body needs a lot of water in moisture form during inhalation, vaping takes in a lot of it.The energy consumed in taking the nicotine inside the body is the cause of dehydration to most of the people who do the vaping. The nicotine absorbed takes most of the water in the body causing dehydration.The little moisture that the body has is taken by the tar which discolors the lungs in the body. When there is no moisture in the body, the body suffers a lot because the metabolic processes in the body are mainly hydraulic (Miler& Hajek,2018). The absence of water in the body makes it not able to do some of the basic metabolisms that are very crucial for the survival of the body. This puts in into great risk because the absence of the water implies the malfunction of the metabolic processes.

Vaping has a likelihood of making the taker have a dry mouth in the process. This is because the person who does the act must use the lips to take in a lot of moisture which is found in the lips. It is clear that the rate at which the moisture from the lips is less used is higher than the rate at which it is released. This causes an imbalance in the flow of moisture in the mouth hence leading to a dry mouth. The dry mouth is resulted vulnerable to many diseases because of the cracks that may develop with time. The addiction to vaping can end up making one have many sores in the mouth which may end up bringing health-related diseases to the person affected (Goniewicz,2018). Some of the sores are so open, which can lead to opportunistic diseases to the person vaping.

Vaping is a habit that can lead to many headaches. When the nicotine products get into the stomach, they make the flow of air to be interfered with (Dawkins, Goniewicz, McRobbie, Kimber,Doig, & Ko?mider, 2018).The impact of this is the irregular flow of oxygen in the rest of the body parts, including the head. The lack of supply of fresh blood into the head makes a headache to persist because of the lack of oxygenated blood. The deoxygenated blood makes the supply of nutrients in the head impossible, something that interferes with the normal functioning of the body in general. A headache makes the person so uncomfortable since they can't perform the normal activities due to the risks associated with a severe headache.

Coughing is another effect that happens when one vapes too much. The irritation of the lungs and the throat that occurs as a result of the tar present makes coughing very continuous. The makers of the vape can develop this habit of coughing if they continually take the drugs. This means that coughing will be part of the smokers because their throat and lungs, which are instrumental organs for breathing are irritated. The smoke particles that are present in the drugs stick to the walls of the throat and also the lungs (Dawkins,Kimber, Doig, Feyerabend,& Corcoran,2018). This makes breathing difficult which interferes with the health of the smoker in the long run. Continuous coughing makes the person to be subjected to other diseases that may result from the interference of the chest cavity.

Sore throat is another consequence of the excessive vaping to the user. The user is likely to have some blockage of the hair holes that make breathing possible. This means that the particles stick to the walls of the throat making it difficult to even ingest anything. The overall impact will be a failure of the throat walls to perform their main functions of cleansing the air that one inhales. A sore throat is very dangerous since it makes swallowing of food very difficult. When one cannot swallow food with ease, it poses a great risk to the eating habits of the person. The health of the person having the sore threat is therefore risked because food cannot be taken in. The person has a likelihood of being malnourished because food can't be possibly be ingested (Cummings,2018). The person, therefore, ends up being so weak due to lack of taking food despite them having the appetite or feeling hungry.


The vaping habit is very dangerous to the health of the users. It is an addictive habit that makes the users be slaves of the process. The health-related diseases associated with it risks the decrease in the lifespan of the takers. The implication of this is to mean that they are at a risk of reducing their lifespan. The habit is also expensive since much cost is needed to cater for the vaping. There is a need to have public awareness of the health-related dangers of vaping as a way of saving lives.


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