Availability of Birth Control in School

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In my personal opinion, I think high school should be able to dispense contraceptive to their student because growing pregnancy, infection transmitted through sexual contact, caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites and abortions. Those are confidentiality walk-in appointments with guaranteeing confidentiality is vital, and SBHC’s work to ensure that teens know their confidentiality is assured. You-friendly services with all staff members being trained to work with teens and aides usually have a background like the students. Staff spends time getting to know the student and discussing family planning decision. Parental involvement with clinic staff encouraging teens to involve their parents or other trusted adults in a family planning decision. care management with staff encouraging tracking and monitoring teens well-being and adherence to prescription directions. Pregnancy testing with staff providing pregnancy testing on the same day a student request it. Staff uses negative pregnancy test results as an opportunity for counseling on family planning. If a student tests positive for pregnancy, staff provides options counseling but does not refer for abortion services. Finally, with walk-in appointments like responding to adolescents’ complex range of needs, and students who come in without appointments are welcomed during certain hours each day (Fothergill,1999).

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“Availability of Birth Control in School”

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The cognitive developmental issues that are at play are continue to be influenced by peers (the power of peer pressure lessens after early adolescence), seek increased power over their own lives, and learning to drive and increasing their independence. The emotional development that also come into play would be have the capacity to develop long-lasting, mutual, and healthy relationships, if they have the foundations for this development trust, positive past experiences, and an understanding of love, and Understand their own feelings and can analyze why they feel a certain way (Huberman, RN, Med, 2016).

I think that schools meddle school or high school should address these issues if they are going to give contraceptives by having sex education program or class at each middle or high school, speaking to a big class and making the conversation indirect is a great way to deliver the mess to not only female student but male student as well.

High school student’s parents should always keep playing the role of the supportive parents and always make sure that their tweens/teens have protection/birth control if they know their children are sexually active. Also, parents should explain how important it is to always have protection to their tweens/teens. Therefore, any high school that is thinking about having sex education program or class at each high school, and probably an advance health class that highlights these issues in sexual development should get consent from the parents of these young tweens/teens.


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Huberman, RN, MEd, B. (2016). Growth and Development, Ages 13 to 17-What Parents Need to Know. Retrieved April 13, 2017, from https://www.advocatesforyouth.org/publications/156-parents

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