Birth Control in Cultures

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Some cultures don't believe in Birth Control and believe that it shouldn't be used on females. I believe that everyone should use these things unless they're ready for a child. There are many different ways of birth control, the main one is the pill, the pill is 91% effective. Most people I know that are on birth control, use the pill because it is the easiest to use and easiest to get. So many people use birth control and the many different ways of it. Most of everyone I know uses it.

Some religions don't believe in these things and believe they are a sin. Most of everyone believes sex should be waited on till marriage. Some cultures also believe that your parents should pick who you have kids with and who you get married too. I believe that you can force love onto someone because it is the person's choice on who they marry and have kids with. Everyone all has the equal rights to make decisions on their own life, because it is their life when it all comes down to it. It's all about what you wanna do with your life. Some African cultures believe in doing myths that will help with birth control and help with birth control. Everyone has a different belief on what should be done and how it should be done. Everyone's perspective is different than everyone else.

Christians belief that sex is a gift from God and should be waited on until marriage. Some people believe birth control is not the correct thing to do, because it is defecting the way birth is supposed to be done.

Birth control allows people to plan their pregnancies, resulting in better health for both mother and child. Worldwide, the ability to plan pregnancy is associated with lower infant and maternal mortality, lower mother-to-child transmission of HIV, and fewer abortions, especially unsafe abortions.

Like many necessary medical treatments, birth control helps women work, learn, and lead fulfilling and productive lives. In one survey of patients at family planning clinics, 64 percent said birth control helped them extend their education, 71 percent said it helped them support themselves financially, and 77 percent said it helped them take care of themselves or their families.

Some females are not able to get birth control because of family issues and just because they can't afford it. Some families believe it is not necessary and that you don't need it. If you're grown enough to make the decision to have sex you are grown enough to have a child is what some families belief.

Birth control helps people all over America, it helps people make sure they can keep their lives on track. It makes sure that people can work and still get done what they need to get done. They believe that they should be able to have sex and still be able

I believe that everyone should have the equal opportunity to get birth control if wanted. It doesn't matter what you believe if you want birth control you should be able to get it.

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