Birth Control Acosta

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Birth control, also known as contraception, is designed to prevent pregnancy. Its methods may work in a number of different ways, such as preventing sperm from getting to egg, sterilization, which permanent prevents a woman from getting pregnant or a man from being able to get a woman pregnant. The first rubber condom which can be a prevention of pregnancy were produced by 1855.

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The first type of pill named Enovid were created and approved by the FDA in the 1960’s. Birth control is probably one of the most important topic that has to be teach to every teenager around the world and the importance of it. This could affect many people lives and society as a whole in a good way. Birth control is failing in the developed world not because people don’t want to embrace it, but because they don’t understand it’s benefits.

I believe birth control brings many positive to society, such as preventing unintended pregnancy and prevents sexual transmitted disease. I witnessed a lot of girls being a mom at the age of 16 and 17 which is nothing wrong in that, but most of the time this young girls had to change routines they were able to do everyday, such as going to school and going to work which not doing that, affects their future in a big way. Which knowing the importance of birth control can is an advantage for women, allowing them to invest in their careers and plan for their futures. It has many plus to maintaining a continuous sex life without interrupt sex or worry about pregnancy by using the pill. Getting this pill prices will vary depending on whether you have health insurance, 1 pill pack would last a month and cost from $0 – $50. There’s a good chance most of the people can get this pill for free if you have health insurance because of the affordable care act. Other facts about being on birth control is that most can make periods lighter and more consistent in their timing, about 31 percent of women who use birth control pills cite menstrual pain as one of the reason they continue to take them. This pill has contributed with the decline of teen birth over the years. The teen birth rate has declined more or less continuously over the past quarter century, and is at the lowest level ever recorded. This shows the importance of birth control and the impact it has had over the years in society.

However, many people may said that birth control is not that useful because it does not protect you from STDs. Others would said that it can have a lot of side effect, such as headache, nausea, weight gain, and most common irregular bleeding. I believe that you protect yourself from STDs and people should know the background or what the other person has done prior to having a sexual intercourse with that person.

Finally, Birth control is failing in the developed world not because people don’t want to embrace it, but because they don’t understand it’s benefits. If the pill is used as directed, only three out of 1,000 women will become pregnant in the first year of use. About nine out of 100 less consistent users will become pregnant in the first year of use. Women and men no longer need to abstain from sex from fear of having more children than they can afford or in terror of endangering a woman’s health with a high risk pregnancy.

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