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In real life situation, scores of people have different perception towards the act of violence. Only individuals who have witnessed or involved in an in the scene can firmly condemn and as well preach against it. This essay has been set to counter any act of violence through the use of affirmative and supportive reasons. To affirm my thesis, the current reviews and statistics show that at least four million children aged three to seventeen years in the United States live at a risk of exposure to domestic violence every year (Testa et al., 454). On the same note, the reviews show that nearly 95% of the domestic violence involves women victims and male partners. The children of these partners often whiteness the violence.  This way, violence is unethical for the following reasons, first; children who unfortunately whiteness the violence may end up seeing their mother being sexually abused by their male partners, secondly, children may observe   the aftermath physical abuse such as blood, bruises, tears, torn clothing and broken items, thus bracing them with fear, stress, and discomfort. Thirdly, the act may lead to injuries or even death of one of the victims. Similarly, children who are exposed to battering become fearful and anxious.  They never recognize any particular cause of violence, and thus they remain on guard waiting for the next event to occur. On the same, the feasibility studies show that children who are often involved in the scenes of domestic violence are always worried for themselves, their mothers and thus live under a state of stress and depression. For the reasons highlighted above, the act of violence should be shunned off by the American state law as it is unethical not only to the parties involved but also the large society. The current reviews in the United States highlight domestic violence is immoral action as it installs many long term effects on the children who witness it. For instance, whether or not children are physically abused in the violence, they suffer both physiological and emotional traumas (Moylan et al., 54). Secondly, children who grow up observing their mothers being physically abused by their partners in violence get inspired by the abusive spirit and in so doing emerge the future drivers of violence in the society. Thirdly, because children have the tenancy of associating themselves with the strength, the often associate themselves with the abuse and lose their respect for their helpless and hapless mothers.  This way, violence diminishes the morals standards in the society, and thus it should severely be condemned. To the youths, studies show that teens’ violence, particularly in the schools, is an issue of concern to teachers, parents and other teenagers (Elson et al., 10). The statistics show that most of the youth violence results from threats to violent teens either by their parents, teachers and their fellow children.  To them, any act of violence is unethical as it may cause severe injuries and some cases death may occur. Similarly, social and legal repercussions of youth violence such as dismissal from the school can adversely affect teen's education and friendship, which can, in turn, lead to unsuccessful adulthood life. On the same note, youth violence is often a public safety issue and sometimes considered dangerous to the community. Unfortunately, friends and families members of the violent teens are at times injured as a result of the effects of youth violence. In the United States, the statistical evidence highlights several unethical and long term effects of violence in the society. To begin with, battered women suffer both mental and physical injuries as a result of domestic violence. Secondly, critical evaluation indicates that emotional and physiological abuse inflicted by the batterers may be more costly to treat in short run than the physical injury (Craparo et al., 1484-1494). On the note, health analyses show that diseases such hypertension and hypertension are directly associated with the domestic violence suffered by individuals during the early age. Such severe effects which can easily lead to death confirm the act unethical to the society and should critically be shunned both by the community and the state law. Further, the act of violence can force the battered women to lose their jobs as a result of absenteeism caused by violence injuries and illnesses. On the same note, the statistics show that battered women often lose family and friends as they escape their homes and societies in fear of abuse. Further, the act of violence may lead, to divorce and separation as one of the partners may demand to flee from violence. Therefore, the act of violence firmly been confirmed unethical by statistics, feasibility studies, and the state law and thus there is no guanine reason for one to be involved violence and its related acts.
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