Money Can Change a Family

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Money can change a family because the family may be so used to receiving money from a family member and when that one person does not have any money, they become to be further away from you. In my family I am like a bank account if asking for something to be bought online. I must have money to buy the item to continue having that “family” connection. Friends are much more different than family. I, myself, can find it much easier to choose our friends but in times many friends can choose to have friends with money or without and that just becomes a ruined relationship. In my opinion there are times when family does use someone for money. For example, there are times when family always ask for money to barrow or to purchase items that they may need, or they use someone just to get what they need, and they will pay us back which usually that never happens in that case. Now that I am married my family still calls me for money and end up being upset for not being able to purchase what they waist and need.

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“Money Can Change a Family”

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Friendships will gather fake friends due to the money that someone may have and will stick around until the money has ran out or the person may not have any more. Many people will be with someone for someone has instead of what they are worth. I believe that many of the family issues going on with families this generation are because of money related. Dramatic changes in income level can go both ways as far as placing family together. It would be great if families would come together when money difficulties begin to happen. In many cases it nearly does not happen and that is when we see who will be there when money struggles come along. In the other hand, when someone has or is making good money, we see many people trying to gather around and be closer than they usually are with the individuals. My family are not rich or poor, but they do have enough to purchase their wants and needs. I am considered their “bank accounts,” where when they need someone with money to support their needs and wants when they are not able to satisfy them. One of the hardest things to do is being able to say no to them when I do not have enough money to give them because of my own responsibilities that I have. When I lend them money and when they ask for things, they make it a habit to continue asking for things to purchase without even asking to see if I can or if I have enough to purchase it. According to the website Money Crashers, money makes a big difference to any person, they made an experiment where two individuals got raises and determined their performance based on the raise they received.

It was evaluated that they both worked with the same performance but the one with lesser raise worked slower that the other individual. The researchers also saw that individuals viewed their self-view differently and mentioned that they say people got their self-view by genes and identity. Money Crashers mention that while they tested people, they noticed that people were addicted to money and how they made their positive input. Gambling, shopping, trips, or spending can trigger a money addiction. According to the website they quote” that it does not matter if the individuals are born wealthy or win the lottery, money can really affect the way you act. Personally, money can have a bad reputation with people who do not have it because it can change them a lot. The Business Insider website has said that people instead of seeing the positive ways money can change relationships, family, health, or friendships they rather explain the negative and how it can destroy things that hold closest to our hearts.” Income level can extremely change a person’s way of thinking especially when they find a new job and expect to receive the same amount that they were receiving on the previous job.

I have been placed in many situations where I want to move on to a different position in a job but because of the amount the minimum wage is in the job starting off I end up staying in the same location because I had the better income. Knowing that I can start my career soon I still not able to earn the amount of income that I wish to receive but if I also move on somewhere where it is comfortable with less stress environment it would destroy the income, I win to make ends meet. In my life, I have had many friends who have not been able to manage receiving the lowest income that they can receive due to the amount of wage they get and the family they must survive. It is a good thing that there are many states financial help but many citizens abused the system just so they can resell the items for money so they can spend it. In my family my sister has five children and out of those five, the two oldest. I feel like money has damaged society in general not just friendships and family because even with housing, gas, bills, and other expenses many people are so greedy with money and think of themselves that they end up not seeing who them is around or who needs the help.

Many responsibilities have become more expensive and it is harder for people to manage to have enough money to gather for the things that need to get paid. I must have my responsibilities paid for before I can really look for items that I want for myself. Money can really change how someone can really be with another person. A person can be good friends and either the income drops, or it increases and that is when a person realizes what was the real reason of their friendship in the first place. In times it is kind of good that this lesson is tested on people because we also learn a lesson on why certain people are in our lives and that in times it was in difficult times. It is better for someone to be using us for money for us to learn a lesson to improve our family or friendships but in times it is hard because that is when we lose trust towards them. I feel like we are all money hungry but personally that are many people who can be really money hungry and does not care if that must destroy a relationship between one person with another, but they rather want the money. In conclusion, money can damage or improve family relationships depending on how the family or friendships may take the situation of gaining or losing money. 

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