Are there Cracks in the Glass Ceiling and Glass Border?

Diversity and Global Talent Management: Are There Cracks in the Glass Ceiling and Glass Border?

To enter a global market, enterprises build a diversified labor force. Employees have a diverse background and gender differences provide them a distinctive vision to bring creativity. Leaders leads diversified employees to discover their potentials, employees can share thoughts in the workforce.

Women are unvalued in their career path. Enterprises hire managers or employees based on their ability, without gender discrimination. Certainly, the enterprise cannot be ignored that women’s leadership ability. Regardless of the shortage hiring global managers that lead the demand for expatriates, women rarely get promotions even if they are capable than men, not to mention opportunities for an overseas assignment. A glass ceiling has made trouble for women.

Glass ceilings caused females to only hold low positions in the enterprise. Even if they want relatively high positions, it's difficult to be promoted. Glass ceilings directly ignored female employees have ability to hold the highest job position, they were losing the opportunity in compete with much qualified people.

When female expatriates receive overseas assignments, they have an identical level of abilities and skills as males, they are more notable in their unique characteristics and emphasize cooperation, they show trust and compassion to employees. Under an unfair gender discrimination treatment, Females showed competitiveness and aggressiveness.

Enterprises create a global management talent pool that will send employees from one country to another. Expatriates are selected for overseas assignments should be based on their skills and overseas experience. Female expatriates cherish their assignments more because the overseas experience is motivated to acquire more knowledge.

In the process of selecting expatriates, employees are equally. Female employees would be less considered for a job opportunity overseas, self-recommendation is encouraged. Leaders can motivate female employees to speak for themselves, and the enterprise provides work assistance. For female expatriates with children, the enterprise has the responsibility to take good care of children, it is to ensure that female expatriate's less distress so they are able to do their assignments. The mentor is available to be provided help for female expatriates if they face difficulties. During the repatriation process, the enterprise ensures female expatriates feel accepted by other employees, and their job remain in the enterprise.

Female expatriates put into the work when they are valued by enterprises. Leaders collect feedback from expatriates that change the corporate culture. Thus, leaders increase the demand talent pool of female expatriates. Through the overseas experience, it can not only improve the status of women in the workforce but also reduce the effects of glass ceilings and boundaries.

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