Are School Uniforms Needed?

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It is a day before school and usually, one student would be excited to wear their brand new outfit their parents purchased. On the other hand, there are students who attend to school with a required uniform and the clothing used to sleep at night is the uniform students been wearing for a while now or about to begin wearing the uniform. For a while now, there have been many debates about kids aching to dress up and there are good and bad arguments of having uniforms. Now, various students attending primary and secondary schools around the globe are obligated to dress. The history started as a way to provide institutions with a feeling of character and coherence. School uniforms were meant to pull fairness to the students, despite their parents’ means. It has turned modern day clothing for uniforms and rather of the traditional uniform of a cardigan with a subtle undershirt, polo and sweatshirts in school colors have changed. Dress pants or jeans are considered popular at unspecified schools. On the other hand, some schools have selected to hold stuff just the way they were for a meaningful amount of time. There are many conditions that are made wearing uniforms and having the situations rotate around to the point where it establishes interesting conversations whether or not school uniforms should be required. School uniforms are good for obedience and will take school more thoughtful to then to concentrate more on learning rather than clothing or concern of violence, since other culmination that is a perpetual and unchanging act.

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“Are School Uniforms Needed?”

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School uniforms may discourage crime and enhance student security. A study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, it is resulted that, “Between 2001 and 2015, the percentage of students ages 12-18 who reported that gangs were present at their school decreased from 20 to 11 percent.” Having the student attending to school where uniform is established brings safety to the student walking to school or going home after school and wearing clothing that are color gang affiliated may lead to crucial consequences to the student going to school and back whether it is being harmed or possibly having the life of the student taken away. Not only were studies conducted throughout violence due to uniforms but also journalist publishing thoughts on the situation. Marian Wilde, a journalist on Great Schools who presented an article Do Uniforms Make Schools Better, had given the thought on student uniforms and how it should be in consideration to take action, “If it means teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms.” In public schools, especially in public high schools, there are students that go all out impress their friends and classmates with wearing expensive clothing brand and shoewear. Wearing expensive clothing around others gives a sign to other students to initiate something far much worse that a student wearing expensive clothing would not know. That is: robbing the students, threatening the student that they will harm that particular student and many more terrifying scenarios.

With all this being true, there are some cases that can be argued with requiring school uniform and that being students debating against school uniforms and feel it is not for an education. In a journal Are School Uniforms a Good Fit?, done by Ryan Yeung, had given results to as how wearing uniforms does not improve academic readiness, “No significant effects of school uniform on performance on second grade reading and mathematics examinations, as well as on 10th-grade reading, mathematics, science, and history examinations.” This may be true, being able to walk to school and home without any altercations uprising is more valuable. Even though there are some cases that students educate better with uniforms, having safteyness with uniform prevents from anything happening when you are in public or in school. Also, published on the Catholic Education written by David L. Brunsma, created a journal The School Uniform Movement and What It Tells Us About American Education: A Symbol Crusade establishing a point on how uniforms does not signify nowhere of having a great education, being academically ready, having no effects toward schools, and peer attitudes. As this may be accurate, there are great points one can make when having uniforms already presented in the school which is providing security and discouraging crime.

Another point that can be argued is school uniforms retain students concentrated on their education, not their outfits. In School Uniforms: Dressing for Success or Conformity?, done by Hinchion Gail Mancini, explains in depth on how schools are competitive with their style rather than students with uniforms, “..they can concentrate on their studies instead of worrying about their attire.” (Mancini 2). This illustrates great results of not only having the students pursue in a great education but also having a discipline mindset for students when they are in a classroom as he later explains on other non uniform schools, “Fights often break out at the school when students get jealous..” (Mancini 3). Having no disciplinary actions to the students and being able to control from preventing such bad actions, gives great reasoning to affirm with schools establishing uniform policy. In another journal, Schools Find Stricter Rules, Uniforms Can Lessen Bullying done by John A. Gavin, had come to an understanding that the uniform policies saves class time for students and much easier to enforce since youths were wasting class participation in the office since they signified with not meeting the dress code and such was time absent from class. Not only does this put an end to a non uniform school but then takes action to prevent such bad doings happening and have students attend class with no participation wasted.

As this can be easily brought to an open debate, school uniforms do not develop great independency, educational readiness, or tests results. In a study done by Kathleen Wade and Mary E. Stafford titled Public Schools Uniforms: Effects On Perception of Gang presence, School Climate, and Student Self-Perception and their goal was to clarify the relationship between public school uniform and some of their intended results and what they found was, “Students from schools without uniforms reported higher self-perceptions scores than students from schools with uniform policies.” This may be true but coming from there are varieties of schools with uniform with great educational learning but in some cases wearing school uniforms does develop negative behavior and great treatment for the teachers and environment. Now moving on to another arguable point, Beth Asaff who posted an article Pros and Cons of Uniform, establishes a valid abstract on how uniforms reduces opportunities of self expression, individuality, and comfort and she goes on to say, “Experts believe that children need to feel comfortable in order to maximize learning, and that uniforms can, in this way, deter academic success for some children.”. As this may be true, one can argue this is only affecting “some” children and not all children therefore making a unreasonable justification on their side of the argument and also, children are able to express themselves by having the ability to voice out and make new friends as they all look identical in the school with uniforms.

Elaborating on the argument given, uniform policies save class time because they are straightforward to implement than a conventional dress code. Published by Sage Journals titled, School Uniforms and Person Perception, the author Dorothy Behling goes in depth how school uniforms are better perceived by teachers and other peers. By that she indicated that there was study made in 1994 and those in uniforms were viewed by the teachers while maintaining educational potential and recognized as “properly performed”. Having that said, the adjectives given were bst fit to justify that the students did not have to worry about their appearance nor whether they would fit in or not which then gives the student the comfort and social activity to be presented in school with peers and teachers. Another point that can be greatly made is Dress Codes In School by Cynthia Bily who argued the dress codes around the nation and how it resulted in schools and what she indicated was the teachers that had favored the uniform said it saves them “headaches” and it “saves valuable class time to enforce less specific dress codes” (Bily 5). This exhibits great points from not only studies but from a teachers point of view. It comes to show that there are teachers who appreciate the uniform policies established in their school which gives them great time to be able to enforce the issue within seconds and still manage to have class time not being wasted.

As the argument may be affirmed, one can easily state that school uniform does not perform the significance of education also reduce the negative behavior of wearing the required uniform. Sue Stanley who presented their work, School Uniform and Safety, she justifies information to as why students oppose school uniform and conducted with a middle school. What the study resulted was “81% if the students said uniforms did not reduce fights, 76% said they did not help them fit in at school, and 69% said they did not make them feel more connected with the school community”. Even thought this may be true, it can be argued that the rest of the students do not feel the same way and appreciate the uniform policy given in the school, knowing their able to achieve in a better education as said previously in the argument made. Given that students create fights with uniform would not be the case of appearance since all students were to be in the same exact uniform. In another article given, The Student Dress Code Debate, presented by Melinda Swafford et al, had an ongoing debate about students dress code affects behavior and Swafford had came up with an idea that, “Proponents of school dress code and school uniform often attempt to link adolescents’ clothing choices to student behavior”. That being said, it can be easily inferred that choosing what clothing to wear can lead to other students wanting to impress on another. Although it is true of wanting to express oneself appearance, there are others that tend to keep their appearance in a low standard which then leads to bullying and being picked on during school and possibly outside of school that being Cyberbullying.

That being said, moving on to a more financial topic, it can be easily addressed that school uniforms can spare parents money. A study conducted by the National Association of Elementary School Principal, found interesting results explaining different trends during 2013 and others that still occur to this day and according to NAESP, they surveyed parents that have their students attend to a school who requires uniforms and it resulted to an outstanding 93% who say it is, “Time saving in the morning.” Having already bought their student uniform, they no longer have to rush their kid for school if they attend to a school with a uniform policy. Having a kid attending to a school without a uniform policy, makes the parents morning more stressful waiting to see what their kid has to wear which then takes up more time and can possibly make the parent and student late to work and school. Another great point to build on is an article published by School Wears News titled, School Uniforms Cost Just 45p a Day – New Study Shows, where they had established valid points on the information given on how parents can save money from buying uniforms, a study conducted in the United Kingdom resulted that uniforms over there cost parents, “£88.05 pounds” which is equivalent to ($128.79 US Dollars), whereas out of school uniform had averaged to about to an astonishing “£113 pounds” which is the equivalent to ($165.79 US Dollars). Right there displays good reasoning to as why parents can save money when it comes to spending for their child on school clothing. Not only is it a reasonable cost but also it will save them a good deal for the next couple of years until their child can no longer fit in the uniform. Whereas the parent will be spending money every other month buying non school uniform for their child.

Although there are families that are able to afford uniforms for their child, there are low income families that are unfortunately unable to come up with that amount of money and that is why school uniforms in schools weaken the encouragement of open education by requiring additional expenses on families. Found on The Guardian, Patrick Butler had presented an article Hidden Costs of State Schools Causing Hardship for Millions, and elaborated on the idea that school uniforms in public schools weaken the encouragement of open education by requiring an additional expense on families, “95% of parents on low income reported difficulties in meeting school-related costs.” This proves a good reason, however, this can be easily avoided by making small monthly payments and negotiating with the school to come to an understanding and later on, successfully being able to have your child to be able to academically better themselves without the worry of paying so much money. Another point made by Chris Hush who done an article titled Students Skipping Class Due to Cost of School Uniform, had came to a sense on how kids will have to skip school since they do not meet the financial needs to purchase uniforms, “..the united way of York County say some students are missing class in York County due to the cost of school uniforms.” As said earlier, it can be made in a concise way possible with a little help from the school. Every school has at least a lost and found where the student can look through and find their size and be able to then finally attend school and not having to purchase any clothing from the school and successfully be educated as said earlier.

Furthermore on the idea, it can also be said that students can manifest their individuality in school uniforms by including modifications and attaching accessories. Andrea Dashiell, the journalist on Parentmap had presented an article School Uniform: Conformity vs Creativity, and her idea that she confronted is informing the audience that students should express themselves with uniform on, and she had come to an understanding that 54% of eighth graders said they could continue to publicize their individuality while wearing their school uniform every day. As one can continue the idea of adding on accessories, students may choose to express themselves with anything on their wrists whether it be watches or bracelets. It is a much more convenient and understanding way to present to school without standing out with any expensive clothing as said previously. Another idea presented was from Julia Rubin who created an article How to Accessorize your School Uniform and what she had exhibited was that students can manifest their individuality as well in school uniforms by including modifications and attaching accessories and she quotes, “Contrary to popular belief, uniform do not stop students from being themselves. Uniforms do not silence voices. Students can wear variety of expensive items, such ad buttons or jewelry.” This idea not only brings out the best in students but also where if students can express themselves without having to wear expensive items, they can be socially active with others around the school or in the classroom as they become academically prepared for class. As Rubin quoted, she finalizes her idea that students can voice out to their opinion, meaning they have the freedom of speech to say anything about what they like and do not like if it were to ever come to a situation that uniforms policy is not being held the way it is supposed to be.

It has been shown that school uniforms are immeasurable for discipline and will take school more precariously to then concentrate more on learning rather than clothing or abhorrence of violence since additional issues that are a severe situation in our world. this come to many great points to as whether uniforms are a great choice in our society whether it was violence abruption, academic readiness, financial reasoning, and much more. But it usually comes into consideration in where one comes from and where the school is located. The argument presented can be drawn out to many of those that strive for a better education or policy in the school or around the community especially for those that dress presentable with a uniform on and only has one purpose which is to be educational and successful throughout their lives.

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