Animal Farm: Book Summary

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The book animal farm talks about a group of different, diverse animals in a farm under one leader who makes rules for them to follow in order to keep the farm in check. One day Old major was giving a speech then suddenly one of the humans tripped off the gun, and fired it on accident, then it hit Old Major as he was giving his speech, and he fell out the barn roof, then died.The animals were confused, and couldn't keep up so they had to elect someone to be leader so they had picked Napoleon.

This part of the story reminds me about how the world works, were all human being and we do things to follow other people because to be honest that's what we do, that's why we have celebrity's, influencers and all those good things, and then once they leave , and live their own life we get confused, and try to follow the next person or the next trend, also this reminds me of school like the classroom, example; were all in one class under one person which is the teacher in charge,and they tell us what to do, they give us our work,, gives the school rules, etc. Also when a teacher leaves we get sad , and wonder whos gonna be our next teacher such as a substitute or fully new teacher then all of a sudden we don't act-right as we would for our former teacher, but then you would figure out how nice that substitute was, and you'll realize how much of a upgrade it was from your former teacher.if that made any sense, then we the substitute leave you'll miss them, and soon remember them.This is just how it was for Old major.

Building the windmill/Boxer falling

Sooner in the story the animals were sent out by their new leader Napoleon, to make a windmill for additional things such as electricity, lights , and other everyday things we use. The animals worked days on days on days until the windmill was made then eventually the windmill was complete.This relates to me in a way because it reminds me of when you have something or a goal, and your committed to it you would work towards that goal, and do everything you need to do to accomplish it, just as Boxer in the story Boxer was really determined to finish the windmill, and his saying was Napoleon is always right Boxer would always push himself, and Napoleon would to, But Boxer was so reliable that he pushed himself to the Max until he couldn't go no more then eventually Boxer fell, and fainted, the animals had witnessed it, and got help, but Napoleon being his evil self , he told the animals that it was the Hospital , but little did they know it was a horse slaughter house, they had took Boxer in, and that was the last they seen him. This also relates to me because it shows how many people can turn on you, and be fake, and lie to you just for the fame, glory, and power.

Breaking the rules

Ever since Napoleon had became leader things been changing for the worse not the better, and Napoleon has been getting more cocky being leader that him, and his two sidekicks are doing bad thing such as changing the rules that their used to such as drinking alcohol, sleeping on beds wearing clothes, etc.

My thought on this is that how people try to switch rules in order to make it easier or to benefit just them in some way,such as big ego people they always say me, me, me all about me but they have no consideration for others.In the bible God do stress to us people, his children to always think of others in a giving way , basically not being selfish onto others. Me personally i'm very stingy with my stuff im not gonna lie, but honestly i'm not a person to just say no because i'll feel bad.

Animals wearing clothes

In the story the animals can not wear clothes, but since Napoleon change the rules he made it where animals could wear clothes mostly them as them being leaders.This relates to me because in school we have a dress code , and we have to wear specific clothing, and if you break that dress code change you will be sent right back home. It's the same thing for animal farm you can't just go around changing former dress code if your a ametueur at being a leader a bad one at that.

The Battle of the Cowshed

This particular part in Animal Farm is saying they were invaded by humans, what happen was the animals were just chillin in their area then out of nowhere the humans came back to try to get the area back,but it wasn't a good result for the humans because they lost, and the animals had won, and they went right back to normal.

I can't really relate to this, i only can when the times i went in my sisters room, and annoyed her, other than that, this is how the world trade, and war work some country's just barge in to others taking all their work or property then point fingers like its just that one's fault so that's basically what animal farm was doing in the Battle of the Cowshed.


This part of the story talks about how the pigs increased work for the animals except them because they felt like they were all that because they were leaders, and the animals were less, they had changed the rule to all animals are equal except for some.

This is another reason why back in the day we had racism, slavery, civil rights, because this person felt better than this person, but we all came to realization that,unequalness is not a good thing to be with nor stand with because it's unhealthy, and it makes you have a really bad look and reputation.

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