Russian Revolution of 1917 in “Animal Farm” by George Orwell

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Animal Farm by George Orwell is a book about the Russian Revolution of 1917 and shows multiple themes. One of these is that the Government can bend peoples thoughts to any purpose. In the story they use propaganda to show this as they did in the Russian Revolution. The propaganda of animal farm is that Napoleon ( Joseph Stalin ) uses propaganda to make Snowball ( Leon Trotsky ) seem like a traitor to the revolution when Snowball did not do anything to show that he is against the revolution.

Old Major ( Vladimir Lenin ) brought up the idea of this revolution before he passed. Snowball took Old Major's words jumped into leadership and the animals accepted him. Snowball created the seven commandments and brought up many great ideas in his short leadership. However, Napoleon didn't like the fact that the animals chose Snowball over him and so drove him out. Napoleon took Snowballs place and promised that he would make the animals thrive and that Snowball was nothing but a criminal. If someone were to disagree with his reign then he would threaten them, showing the Animals that he had power.

After this, Napoleon had continued to make bad of Snowball, blame him for tragedy and even say that he has animals on the farm working for him. Napoleon even goes as far as putting him on a death sentence and a reward to anyone who brought him dead or alive. Orwell uses the expulsion of Snowball by Napoleon to show how Stalin threw Trotsky out of power because he wanted the power all to himself.

When Snowball was in power he made the seven commandments but after Napoleon took over, Napoleon bent the commandments to his purposes such as after he sent Boxer to the Vet he bought whiskey instead and changed one of the commandments from All animals shall not drink alcohol to no animal shall drink alcohol to excess showing that Napoleon is only in it for power. He used the switches to convince people that he is a good guy. He did multiple of these such as when he slaughtered innocent animals he changed No animal shall kill another animal to No animal shall kill another animal without reason. He also eventually become a human and changes the most important to All animals are equal, some are just more equal than others. Orwell uses this to show how Stalin bent his rules so he could have his way.

Snowball wanted to build a windmill and the windmill is the main source of propaganda. The issues first started when Napoleon said they were going to build the windmill even after he said he thought it was useless. Napoleon then tears it down during construction and blames it on Snowball. He also blamed Snowball for the humans coming down and destroying it. Eventually he got it up and running but the animals were so worn out that it was in fact, useless. When the humans came down Boxer hurt himself yet continued to work. He got to the point where he couldn't work. Napoleon says he will take Boxer to the Vet but actually takes him to the knackers (A place for dead or unwanted animals not fit for human consumption to create by-products such as glue, fats, bone meal and bone char. Orwell did this to show how Stalin lied to his followers so he could get his way. These examples show how Napoleon and Stalin would do anything for power and how the governments can bend peoples thoughts to any purpose they so choose. George Orwell turns the Russian Revolution into a fable with the moral Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In the book, Napoleon bent the commandments and lied just so he could have absolute power over the animals just to become what he was fighting against. He would drink, wear clothes, beat the animals, and sleep in a bed, all things he said he wouldn't do.

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