Benjamin in Animal Farm

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On a farm, there are a variety of livestock, all of which are the private property of the farm owner. Jones is the owner of the farm. He is a selfish, cruel and full-day alcoholic. The animals on this farm have only labor in their lives. They work hard every day, but their fate is ultimately sold and eaten. On this manor farm, an old pig, 'Old Major,' brought the animals together to a meeting, announcing that human beings were the enemy of animals and taught the animals a song, Beasts of England.

After the death of the old Major, two young pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, became the leaders of the animals and began to prepare for the uprising. After the success of the uprising, the animals drove the irresponsible farmer, Mr. Jones, out of the farm and renamed the farm 'Animal Farm'. They passed the Seven Commandments of Animalism, the most important of which is, “All animals are equal.” But Napoleon did not do it. After Napoleon took power, he smothered Snowball as a friend of Jones and regarded himself as a hero in this battle. In fact, Napoleon himself did not hide in this battle. Napoleon forgot that animals should live a simple life. They began to learn that humans walked upright, holding a whip, wearing clothes, supplying hot water and tap water. Animals could not tell which one was a pig or not.

The old major actually represents the position of all animals, against the cruel exploitation and bloody slaughter of human beings, requiring animals to be free and animals to be equal. He feels that the lives of animals are the most tragic, laborious, and short-lived. Animals under the rule of humanity have made them lose the natural instinct of animals. They were oppressed by humans just after they were born, and they lived in an acold and dirty place. They don’t have enough food every day, they can have any complaints. They don’t have the right to freedom and equality. They work hard from birth to death and are often whipped by humans. In the second chapter of this novel, the owner of the manor used a whip to drive the animals to work, and the animals did everything for him once the animals lose their value, Jones will be sold the animals for money. The owner of the estate just uses them as tools.

The animals listened to the advice of old major, who told the other animals that the revolution was very simple, as long as the courage, perseverance, can rebel successfully, and once successful, the future will be bright, equal, rich, free. The animals thought how nice it would be to have more food and less work if they rebelled, and they all agreed to drive the owner of the farm away. The animals drove the irresponsible farmer, Mr. Jones, out of the farm. Snowball and Napoleon competed for each other's status as the top leader. Snowball has a plan to build a windmill to modernize the farm. Napoleon was very clever. He let the dog he had fed expelled Snowball and announced that he was the leader. Napoleon changed the leadership structure of the farm.

He canceled the animal conference and replaced it with a committee of pigs. It was not possible to run other animals on the farm by pigs. Through a young pig called Squealer, he is a loyal supporter of Napoleon, good words, deceiving other animals to make animals work harder and work for napoleon. Here the pigs started to start corrupting. In a war, a Hummercalled Boxer was injured. But he worked hard regardless of the wound until he fell ill during the construction of the windmill. Napoleon sent a lorry to send a boxer to the vet, but this is a lorry at the Slaughterhouse. Napoleon sold boxers to horse butchers to make money to buy whisky for the pigs of his ruling class. Here we can see that Napoleon has been deceiving other animals and let them work hard every day.

So under Napoleon, the animals still lost their nature, and they worked hard every day until they died. Under the rule of napoleon and human beings, they deprived the animals of freedom and equality. The animals kept working every day, disrespecting the animals and beating them. The difference is that napoleon made animals work for him on the premise of deceiving animals. He learned from human beings, walked on two legs, ate and dressed up. Napoleon and the owners of other farms united to cheat and control other animals. Napoleon has the nameless dogs are Napoleon’s violent rule on the animal farm. The flock blindly followed Napoleon, preventing other animals from opposing Napoleon's supporters and Benjamin he doubted what napoleon was doing but he did not dare to oppose it in the face of powerful power.

Animal farms, for their own freedom and self-management wishes. The era of freedom has begun. But a good start does not guarantee a good ending. Freedom is always a luxury. When Napoleon, the intricate conspirator, might seize power, these animals had little free time. The greatest leader can foresee an ideal country, not a dictator. The greedy instinct of eagerness to power and control others has turned freedom fighters into authoritarian dictators, just as humans have done to them before. Because of dictatorship, everything is going backward. Animals still live in poverty, even worse. The ideal country itself was destroyed.

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