Character of Napoleon in “Animal Farm”

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In the novel Animal Farm George Orwell uses the character of Napoleon to illustrate how Joseph Stalin took power during the Russian Revolution by ousting Snowball (Leon Trotsky), murdering his opposition,and acting swiftly and ruthlessly.

For example Khrushchev said over one-and-a-half million individuals were arrested for 'anti-Soviet activities,'and over 680,500 (of them) were executed Kubic,Mike. ""Stalin:A Brutal Legacy Uncovered"" Commonlit,2016. Web. 26 Oct.2018..This explains that when ever he was in charge it turned out for the worst.It also showed no one liked him because he was a bad leader because he didn't show any care of the people.

Another example that Khrushchev said was cost us much blood.Kubic,Mike. ""Stalin:A Brutal Legacy Uncovered"" Commonlit,2016. Web. 26 Oct.2018.. This quote explains that when Stalin was the leader it cost them a lot of people.Stalin lead people to death and it also made them lose because they lost the most people because of Stalin.

Napoleon would fit Stalin well because he takes advantage of the animals like Stalin does to his army. Napoleon shows a lot of things that are the same type of things that Stalin would do. For example the windmill accident,Napoleon used propaganda in his advantage just like Stalin would do. Then he would starve most of the population of the animals,while he and his actual friends would get food for them self.

Another example of Napoleon as stalin is the relationship he has with Snowball.Snowball represents Trotsky. Stalin and Trotsky was partners just like Napoleon and Snowball was. Stalin was not a good leader at all. Napoleon was not either,he would punish all of the other animals but leaves his friends alone. For example,Napoleon kidnapped the puppies to create his own army. Stalin had his own army as his own just like Napoleon did. Just like Stalin ,Napoleon changes the rules to suit his likings. It doesn't matter if you didn't like the rules, it suited Napoleon so it doesn't matter at the end.

One of Stalin's bad decisions was he had a order to crackdown and arrest the eight top Air Force generalsKubic,Mike. ""Stalin:A Brutal Legacy Uncovered"" Commonlit,2016. Web. 26 Oct.2018.. Stalin wanted those top generals gone, that shows how selfish he was. But then later on he also wanted to execute 300 higher ranking generals too from other places. These acts are very similar to Napoleon's because how he took those puppies and use them for his own army.

Napoleon uses fear to torture the animals. Napoleon does not care about the other animals . Napoleon likes to be a demanding leader. If he wants something done and the animals disobey then it will be a punishment. Napoleon made a rule to the animals that if the animals feed the hens then they will be killed. That explains how strict Napoleon is with his rules.

Stalin was a tyrant he didn't care about his soldiers.If his soldiers died in the wars he wouldn't worship them.He would just care that he is still alive. Napoleon is the same way. As long as he has the dogs that he will raise to be on his side he doesn't care about the other farm animals.As long he will be able to still torture them.

In the book it explains how sneaky Napoleon is. He wants to redirect the animals to thinking his beliefs are the better ones.For example Napoleon said Nevermind the milk that will be attended to,Animal Farm.The quote shows that the animals wanted the milk but Napoleon would change their mindsets to telling them that the milk is no big deal.

In the story Snowball shows that he has good ideas but Napoleon doesn't care about them.Snowball cares about the animals. Snowball wants to educate the animals and for example he gave them a good strategy going in to the Battle of the Cowshed. Snowball led the animals to victory with his good plans. On the other hand Napoleon does not care how good Snowball's plans are,all he cares about is if the plans fail for he could just blame Snowball and have the animals on his side.

Napoleon like using the other animals to his advantage. Squealer does everything for Napoleon,Squealer is the one who speaks for him and also settles all the rules for him.Napoleon doesn't need to speak at all because Squealer is there for him and that is what Napoleon was planning for. When Napoleon was fighting with Snowball the sheep were on Napoleon's side. That is how Napoleon take advantage of the animals because he makes them do whatever he has to do so he doesn't have to at the end.

Napoleon is also very disrespectful to the things that other animals make up like plans. In the story there was windmill plans to make the windmills but Napoleon go into it and actually pees on the plan. So the plans are gone so the things started to go bad between Napoleon and Snowball. So later after that Napoleon calls his dogs to take away Snowball and they did. But later on they end up doing the windmill but after that he decided to sell the hen's eggs for money.

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