Ancient History and Europe

The Persians, Romans, and Greeks are remembered in the contemporary society for their influence in Westernization. The Greeks have significant achievements in architecture, sports, arts, and theater. The Persians have major contributions towards the aspect of democracy in the modern societies. The Roman Republic components of government are also evident in modern-day societies. This paper will illustrate various contributions made by the Persians, Romans, and Greeks.

It is true that the influence of Persians is still seen in the contemporary society. For instance, their influence is evident in human rights. The famous world’s first human right charter was inscribed under the authority of the Persian ruler Cyrus the Great in 539 BC. This implies that the Persians have a significant contribution to human rights which are essential in the societies today. It is worth to note that the rules required the freeing of Jews who had been held captive (Sadeghi & Ghorbani 1133). As a result, many communities today are objected to slavery. The rules also ushered in freedom of expression of a person’s religion.

One of the greatest achievements of ancient Greece is seen in the theater. Plays started to become vital in the old Greece, and most of them were carried out as tragedies and comedies. In ancient Greece, comedies were usually plays that were undertaken to pass certain messages to the community. ‘Antigone’ is one of the most famous ancient Greece plays. It is about a girl who defied the King’s orders. In this case, many Greek customs and values were expressed (McLeish & Griffiths 13). Tragedies were formulated in such a way that communicated about certain societal or moral issues and suffering of people. Many ancient Greece tragedies ended in a disaster.

The ancient Greece also made outstanding contributions in the sector of sports and architecture. The Olympics are among the greatest spectacular scenes in the modern age. The founder of the modern Olympics was significantly motivated by the Olympic Games that were first held in 776 BC. According to history, the ancient Olympic Games took place as a dedication to the Olympian gods in the ancient plains of Olympia (Kyle 22). The art is a reflection of what a community creates. Through ancient Greece temples, pottery, and sculptures, the Greeks formed a vital principle of their culture. This was referred to as ‘arete’ in the old Greece. To the Greeks, arête implies honor to the Greece gods. For example, the Parthenon is an ancient Greece temple which is considered a perfect illustration of Greek architecture.

The Roman Republic had three components. After its foundation, the Roman Empire was initially ruled by kings. There were the consuls who were a monarchical section of the Republic. They served as the judges. The Senate was established as the aristocratic part and performed advisory roles. The assembly existed to make decisions on war and peace issues.

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