Alexander the Great in Ancient History

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Ale Alexander the third of Macedon was born in the small town of Pella, Grease. He was born on July of 356 BC. He was known as Alexander the great. To people, Alexander was one of the biggest well known man in ancient history. He was on a mission to greatness by his father Philp II. He was married multiple times to Roxana was one of his wives that he was married to from 327 BC to 323 BC. The second wife he was Staterira the second. She was the daughter of Darius the third from Persia. They were only married from 324 BC to 323 BC. His third wife he had was Parysatis II. She was the daughter of Artaxerxes III. They had only been married for about a year because alexanders First wife Roxana, had murdered her in 323 BC. Alexander had proven to himself and his father that he is the right one. His parents had a major impact on him.

Especially his mom due to his father being out in the military. Even though his father had sent him to many teachers. Like Aristotle, he is a well-known philosopher that taught him in many ways that will later on help him. He had taught him poetry, drama, science, and many more. One day Alexander had received a horse from his father. This was no ordinary horse, this was a flesh eating horse that would attack if you tried to mess with it or even try to ride it. One day he tried to take it out for a ride, and the horse had done nothing to him. His father was outraged because he was the only person that the horse did not attack. Alexander is a very skilled person when training untamed horses. His father tried to raise him with everything that he had known. Alexander is considered to be the greatest philosopher in ancient history. With many wars ahead, he is destined to conquer his name throughout the country.

Alexander the great did many things in his life even if he died early in his life at thirty three. As his father became strong and well known around. As grease was coming to their end of the Golden Age. Many of the small cities were getting very tired of the constant wars. Alexanders the greats dad was very interested in the Greek culture. As Philip was very determined to rule Persia. There were some things in the way of him doing that. As the two cities fought, Philip became the leader of all of Greek besides Sparta. Sometime after they concerned Greece, Philip was murdered. Philip was a very respected man and had man followers and also many haters. He always went somewhere with his personal bodyguards. But one day that all changed when one of his own bodyguards pulled a knife from his clothes and stabbed Phillip straight in his heart, Which killed him instantly. No one knows who told the bodyguard to kill Philip, but many speculate that it could have been his own wife that planed his death. But yet she could never be proven actually guilty of the crime.

After the death if his father, Alexander became the king. Many of the men that worked under him accepted him without any question. As time went on, he matched southward to Corinth Where he met up with all the cities that were under him. There was only one city that wasn't there and that was Sparta. Sparta wanted nothing to do with the leadership of Alexander the great. So therefore, they never came to these meetings or even followed what Alexander and his people said. As Alexander met many people, he wanted to meet some specific people such as, Diogenes. He was one of the greatest Philosopher in their time and a famous person in their town. He was known for some very odd reason such as always carrying a lit lantern in midday and sleeping in a tub at night.

Alexander destroyed cities such as Thebes for reasons such as Keeping Democratic governments. Alexander waned to follow In his father's footsteps and wanted to finish everything his father started. He Fathers plane was to invade Persia and take it over. To make their own place. In 334 BC Alexander the great crossed Hellespont which is now known as Dardanelles. It is what separates Europe and Asia. With him he had his allies the Macedonia's and the Greeks. With that was about 40,000 soldiers and then he also had about 5,000 Calvary warriors. They were all armored man with shields and weapons. Aa alexander the great led all of this he invaded with his men. Some of the men that were included on the trip were scientist and geographers. As Alexander went on his quest, Darius III of Persia ran into some problems in October of 323 BC. When they went to go invade Darious, he started to run away. As Alexander chased him, he decided to cut him off and go down south. He went towards the coast of Phoenicia hoping to catch him there.

Later the next year Alexander the great went to Egypt. They welcome him with open hands and they saw him as a deliverer from Persia. While near the Nile river the founded a new city and Alexander named it after him, Alexandria. As time went by this city became the first international city. There were Indians and Greeks and Africans and also Persian there. All of these people took the very good opportunity that appealed to them at the port. As they all worked together and started to develop the new land and made new civilization on it.

As time went by Darius had regathered all of his warriors and Chariots and animals he could find. As Alexander went right down back at him. Darius started to flew again and this time Alexander the great was not going to let him get away. After the battle Alexander the great was pronounced the king of Asia. As word went by it took over 3 day for the world to surrender to Alexander the great. As the Persian Capital, Susa Opened its gates to everyone more people started to come in and make a living for their self's. Darius was stabbed because he didn't refuse to give up his treasure when he was captured.

All of alexanders men wanted to go home and back to their families but he didn't let them. He wanted to continue with his march and to rule the rest of the Eastern empire. He didn't think that the Indus river was far from his current location. But his geographers told him that it wasn't close at all. Over the next couple of years, he traveled to the east. That where he found Chieftains daughter, Roxane. He later on went on and married her and they became husband and wife. In January of 327 BC he took whatever was left of his army and went to Oxyartes. Which was mountain area and he made a fortress there and camped there. The fortress was made in the Sogdian Rock. As Alexander reached east in the summer of 326 BC which is now the country of India. He had a battle there versus king Pours near the Hydaspes River. Kind Porus's army. He had soldiers that were on elephants and made hard to fight. Since his soldiers were so banged up from the last battle, he had left them in the city Nicaea, Greek for them to recover and heal. As they recover, he kept pushing further east hoping to concur more land for him.

Alexanders men were so tired of walking to go places since they already had walked about 10,000 miles. So they started to refuse to walk anymore. When Alexander relized that his was a big problem he finally turned back and went back home. In September of 326 BC he had ordered a fleet be built on the Hydaspes and then they all loaded on to the boat and then finally traveled down to the Indus mouth. In July of 325 BC they finally reached

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