Cultural Values of the Ancient Greek

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The cultural values of the ancient Greek are sophisticated philosophy, loyalty, and intelligence. Greek philosophic tradition was influenced by Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Greek philosophy based on unbiased and rational observation of the natural world. Greeks had their loyalty to the family and the Gods. The family is a strong and important cultural value. During ancient Greek, Greeks believed that there were a number of gods and goddesses and those gods controlled their hall life. Although women were not allowed to be educated, the men were able to go to school. Confidence in the power of human self-knowledge was as important as belief in the gods. For example, the greatest of all Greek temples of Classical period, Parthenon, was planned to glorify Athens and human’s achievement.

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“Cultural Values of the Ancient Greek”

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Parthenon is the temple that was built at the hill of Acropolis at Athens in the mid-5th century BCE. Its architecture is Doric order which is characterized by a simple and austere column, although parts of the building are decorated with a continuous Ionic frieze which runs on a line around the two-roomed cella. Inside of Parthenon, a 40-foot-high statue of Athena which is made of ivory and gold stands at the pedestal and this statue is surrounded by the Doric columns. The classical sculpture is also a significant development in Early Classical art and classical sculpture was applied a movement in it. Those sculptures characterized by a balance between motion and stability and freedom of movement and expression. This emotional style influenced later civilization’s sculpture. The famous example of the classical sculpture is Doryphorus by Polyclitus and it is known as the perfection of the balance between motion and rest. The figure supports his weight on his right leg which causes the rest of his body.

The relaxed arm opposes the relaxed leg, and the tensed arm opposes the tensed, weight-bearing leg. (Cunningham 3) Thus, a harmonious balance of opposing parts creates naturalism and human-like form. Moreover, the Greek value of naturalism is presented in the vase painting. Greek vase painting is known for black and red-figure technique. The technique that draw images with vibrant color mimicked the wall and panel painting. The most famous vase painting in the Greek culture is Women Working Wool on a Loom by Amasis Painter who was an ancient Greek vase painter. Its large central panel features a scene of women working on looms and engaged in other aspects of cloth production. (Cunningham 3) From this artwork, we can know that women did have outlets for creative expression through creating the ceramic, and basketry, and weaving to make something.

Ancient Greek has many influences on our culture. First, ancient Olympia is the origin of the modern Olympic games. The festival at Olympia in honor of Zeus was the most important athletic event in the Ancient Greek world. From every region of Greece and colonies, athletes came to Olympia for the game over five days. Thus, this ancient Greece’s event has contributed to today’s Olympic game. Second, the Ancient Greek government shaped the modern world of government. Their government was democracy and Athens also had the jury in a trial who made the final decision from the vote by citizens who has the right to vote like we do today. Like these two examples, Ancient Greek civilization and cultural values became the part of modern society.

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