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   Walker proposes the effect humans have on animals , he expresses themes of loss and separation, thoughts on racism and slavery is developed throughout the story. And equate social justice and equality. The tone Walker presents throughout the story is erratic then despairing. Provokes thought about isolation and human morals in the story and how us humans play a role of taking natural world for granted. The author has provided description and examples throughout the story help the reader target the impacts that humans have on our society and author describes how even animals can feel. Walker demonstrates the impact of our society through blue eyes and how similar emotions are expressed that are similar to us. The author express the importance of nature and how surrounding ourselves with animals can be life changing. As the reader you learn to treat someone the way you want to be treated this includes animals. Walker does a great job at sending that message to her reader. Leads back to how we need to treat animals and to protect our nature. Walker also brings a sense of reflection to his reader thinking of how we change our actions to improve our society and how we can do to improve for next generation. And compares to slavery as an African American.

Walker sends strong emotion for these issues by assigning Blue as human characteristics. This was shown in the passage when the author states “....I had forgotten the depth of feeling one could see in horse’s eyes.” When the brown mare has been with Blue for a few weeks “...there was a different look in his eyes.... of independence, of self-possession, of inalienable hoarseness.” This passage creates a link between his emotions and walkers vision. Through this passage Walker describes animals have the same feelings as humans through his passage and his use of words. Shows empathy and sadness that animals can feel this way because this is the way we treat them. This passage also indicates The way, Walker is comparing her emotions, as a human, to the emotions of Blue. In the text the author states “ Blue was lonely. Blue was horribly lonely and bored”. This quote shows emotions that one would expect only a human to have, but message is really animals do want attention sense of love and safety from their owners. The author comparison of animals and understanding pain and suffering from unfamiliar viewpoint . Teaches us to be grateful rather then unappreciative. She wants us to feel that instead of viewing animals as heartless creatures, we should makes more attempts to show empathy by viewing same suffering and pain as human being. Walker used her own experience to relate to her reader and as author her writing was strong and deep it covered a lot of what she trying to convey to her reader and made us reflect on yourself and what we can better.

This empathizes that Walker presents these concerns as human attributes identified Blue as human character whether then an animal . As readers we feel empathy for Blue and we feel strongly for him because the details and style in which she describing blue is sense of guilt and reflection . The author includes this in the passage to reflect on our actions and how it impacted our society . Learning the importance of animal world and how they deserve respect and decency as humans . The author provides more examples but the her point is that people always talk about equality, freedom and justice for everyone.

This passage indicates that we have forgotten the importance of freedom and justice. We tend to neglect the fact that this implies to every living thing. As reader the author leads toward understanding that we are visitors and we are tampering with nature and we don't even realize it. Through the use of words Walker message is to show gratitude and respect to what is around us. Walker remebles Blues suffrage to slavery within African American. She makes these links to get a deeper connection toward blue emotions and how slavery has impacted by people color . Walker is trying to make a change similar to slavery. Walker also uses repetition the term “ Like animals “ few times in the text to show our feelings limit those who are not of color. LIke how she made the link to India how there set to hold there emotion which its expressed to white male only. By expressing her feelings and how we may be repeating history again .

Walker uses a comparison with slavery with African Americans. The was shown in the passage when she states “ My old mammy was sold to another family , many more years later a white women would say I can’t understand these negros , these blacks what do they want , There so different from us ? .Walker claims that white children of slave owners who once experienced a natural relations to their black mammy, became pleased about manipulating blacks, emotionally detached from the connection that binds humanity lack assent invisible. white settlers who considered Native Americans to be animals,blacks are being used and viewed as a resource which is there to be used, as if there is nothing more. She comes to conclusion how she failed to see how Blue was like humans people fail to connect . As a author she connects to Blue and believes that she is protect him and that is shown through how she describes him and the details she reveals throughout her writing . Makes reader understand where she's coming from and the important points she shares . She put her own experience to as American American and how slavery has helped impact on our society shape her and the way she sees Blue . As a reader she wants us to connect to Blue and make us show more gratitude and respect of nature and that's shown throughout the text . Alice also states that “

Later on in the story Walker express animals have become “...merely ‘images’ of what they once so beautifully expressed”. In the passage Walker states “ Merely “ to show how we are no longer pure shows how we view animals has changed drastically. And how we once viewed animals as beautiful creature and part of natures well being and how we neglect and torture them. Our actions has caused a great deal of damage and harm. Brings sense of guilt that we have destroyed something so pure and turned it into something can probably can't be taken. We need to understand where we went wrong before making changing . This quote brings frustration to Walker because it captures how irresponsible we and are and we don't even realize how much of the earth we damaged . The author also states '... and I rented a small house in the country that stood on the edge of a large meadow that appeared to run from the end of our deck straight into the mountains.' Walker's concluding statement reveals how Blue has changed her perspective of the world. Walker is determine to surround herself with natural world to better understand animals life and way for her to reconnect with nature and gain knowledge of what can be done and how she can hopeful influence others.

Overall, Walker connects with her reader to show how Blue helped a key role in our society. Throughout the story we get deeper connection of how Walker feels connected to Blue . Her tone in story emphasizes how cruel we can be, she express that through her use of words and details in the passage. Toward the middle of the story transitions to take actions to protect our nature and to change bad habits that can harm that . Walker also makes a comparison to slavery within African Americans and how history may be repeating itself. She also makes connection with Indians and the way we treat non human animals . Walker has touched base on things we need to keep in eye out for. Things that need to change within our society. This passage has brought a great deal of messages we as the reader can take away as well. The author proposes ideas that need to come to our recignization to better our society. The author shines many perspective to her reader and her style and how she presents her point grabs the reader's attention because important perspective are brought to light and makes the reader reflect those actions. Walker goal was attaining empathy as author as she gain sympathetic ear toward her main power that animals and humanity are show respect animals and what there about to teach to the world and letting everything providing simplicity.

Work cited

  1. Walker, Alice . “ Am I Blue ? “ The Norton Book of Nature Writing , Author Robert Finch and John Elder , college ed , W.W. Norton company , 2002 . pp.864- 866.  
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