Software Blue Bubbles Pet Shop Database

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1. 0Introduction 1. 1Historical Perspective Bubbles Pet Shop was opened on the month of May 2000 by Dr. Anthony Chua Villar D. V. M. The said pet shop is situated along Gonzales Street in Candelaria, Quezon. Bubbles Pet Shop offers a wide array of pets that you would acquire, like fishes, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and different kinds of birds. Aside from its adorable pets; different aquariums, dog and bird cages, dog foods, shampoo and other pet supplies is being offered. Dr. Anthony’s clinic is also sited in Bubbles Pet Shop.

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“Software Blue Bubbles Pet Shop Database”

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The clinic offers basic vaccination program for dogs and cats, wellness check-up, confinement, and surgery. Over the years, Bubbles Pet Shop has been patronized by people from all walks of life and attest the pet and owner bonding. So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit us! And feel free to choose pets that suits to your personality. 1. 2The Problem Addressed by the Project The proposed system of the proponents which is the Database for Blue Bubbles Pet Shop will organize the records of consultations, vaccination and checkups of pets on the pet shop.

The current recording system of the pet shop is actually manual. Due to the manual system that they have, problems like missing records, loss of data and wrong details could possibly occur. 1. 3Significance of the Study The proposed system can lessen the time consume in writing the order of the customer. The loss of data will also be avoided. Since the system has its own database, the records of data will be organized. The system also provides an administrator log in page that will assure that the saved data will be secured. 1. Scope and Delimitation The proponents will use the compiler Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 to design the page of the system. The application that will use for creating the database is WampServer (php). 1. 5Users and Beneficiaries 1. 5. 1Pet Shop Owners Since the main users of this system will be the pet shop owner, therefore its beneficiaries will be the pet owners himself. 1. 5. 2Customers The system will provide the customers complete and accurate information about their pet’s check ups, consultations, and vaccinations. 1. 5. 3Proponents

This study will greatly help the proponents develop their skills and reasoning. Their programming skills will also be enhanced. 1. 6Definition of Terms 2. 0Review on Related Literature and Studies This chapter intends to present the review of literature and studies relevant to the subject matter covered by this research. These reviews of literature and studies definitely help the proponents in formulating a more logical justification for completing their studies regarding the Database for Blue Bubbles Pet Shop. 2. 1Review on Related Literature

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