Confirmation Bias and Media Bias

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Bias Is a tendency, or prejudice toward or against something or someone. Bias could be positive, and helpful like choosing to only eat foods that are considered healthy or staying away from someone who has knowingly caused harm, or negative. Confirmation Bias is an example of Negative Bias which is often what the general public say once they need a special opinion on topics, even though changing opinions are not as easy as it seems. Opinions and perspectives are ever changing solely supported a person’s thinking. to vary a person’s opinion takes a substantial amount of effort and evidence. Humans do not wish to be wrong; we wish to be right. It makes us feel triumphant and confident, whereas being wrong makes us feel defeated or embarrassed. The opinions we first formulate once we see something is simply supported our judgment or first impression. We get defensive when people reject our opinions, so we gather counterarguments to prove our stance. once we glance for evidence to substantiate our beliefs or opinions, it is called confirmation bias. We feel inclined to uphold our opinions and to appear for more information that confirms our beliefs. Confirmation bias is additionally applied in way of life, like workplace Disputes about settings which can happen thanks to clash opinions. this might cause tension and spitefulness within the workplace environment There are many everyday samples of individuals using confirmation bias behavior. A student doing research on just one side to an argument for a paper to substantiate their thesis may fail to completely search the topic for information that’s inconsistent with what they are writing about. confirmation bias happen to our life almost each day for example , My father came to visit me last week and he made me notice a confirmation bias that I have been observing for years, but never thought of it as a Bias. As We were leaving my apartment, my father looked outside and noticed the heavy rain. He stopped me and said: “grab you coat and umbrella son. We don`t want you catching a cold.”. I have heard that saying many times before, yet I had never viewed the statement as a confirmation bias. I had always believed that parents have been using these old sayings and urban legends to scare their children into doing what they’re told to do. After catching some colds while playing in the rain, I had only supported my father s’ claims, and this was an obvious example of a confirmation bias. In the example of catching a cold within the rain, my father used a previous hypothesis which was that you are to definitely catch a cold, if you went outside without a raincoat. during this incident catching a cold is the previously held conviction and getting wet is the confirming information.

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“Confirmation Bias and Media Bias”

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Another example of Bias that we deal with in our daily lives, is Social Media. In recent years, media has taken the nation by storm. Now that we have access to everything, we can easily post on all social media platforms to express our opinions and feelings on a subject. many people on social media are used to reposting, or taking content that is not theirs originally, instead of coming up with original ideas. This has affected many followers of the Media. Rapidly it has caused debate on issues everywhere, and now Media bias is out of control! . Having a bias in social media is not a good thing because it affects the quality of journalism and the audience’s views on politics and trends. The best thing that the public can do is to educate themselves on the social media that agrees with their views and morals. Two of the top media services, National Public Radio and Fox News, both on very different ends of the political spectrum but both have a very big impact. National Public Radio is very popular among modern day Liberals because of their values and the topics of their daily talk shows. There are a lot of people from this generation who are claiming to not have a specific political standpoint, but most of them fall on the side of Liberal. This is because the liberal side is all about trying new things and moving on from past traditions and creating new traditions. Along with political opinion, many people have different presidential candidates that they would like them to become the United States president while the other will not agree. The first amendment does allow free speech along with the others. Without it many filters of communication would not be available to us. Today’s youth is made up of social media, living, breathing, and sleeping alongside social media. It is the base or a place we feel like we can truly belong to and to be with people we know or have mutual friends. Social media affects how teen see themselves and how they act. No one wants to be behind on what everyone is into while a very small percent still enjoys being different than the others. Social media have changed the way students read or do their homework and studying. The destructive light of media causes us to believe in unhealthy news more the worthy news. For example, the Horrific news of deaths and injury due to COVID-19 Virus that we hear in social media and News has made people to start Panicking and doing unnecessary shopping due to them believing that the world is becoming to an end. Another group of people who believe they are more optimistic towards the situation are sharing supposable ways and remedies to prevent and treat this disease.

In Conclusion, there is always news, and incidents and people`s different opinions about them. As long as practically using other people`s DIYS, would not cause harm to you or others around you I believe it would be Ok to test them. However, in presence of professionals it is more logical to trust their opinion and consulting so that you would no longer have to take a bet that whether or not your solution or way of doing things gives you the best possible result.  

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