Customer Experience with Flight Check-in

 Luggage Check-in

While travelling luggage is a major problem for all the customers and needs to be taken proper care of. Customers have to wait in long queues to check-in their luggage & also they have to arrive 4 hours before their actual time of flight.

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“Customer Experience with Flight Check-in”

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Customer Care

Contacting the airlines for any information can sometimes be a tedious task. The most common point of contact is calling the customer care helpline which has a lot of waiting or E-mail which can at times take some time for getting the reply from the office.

Misplacement of luggage

The most common problem that the commuters face is of their luggage being misplaced by the airlines and it can days to get back the luggage not necessarily in safe condition or sometimes may even get lost permanently.

Lack of in-flight connectivity

Not all the flights have free Wi-Fi and the charges sometimes for using the facility are exorbitant. In today’s technologically advanced world having internet or Wi-Fi is a necessity rather than a luxury. Connectivity is very important as during long travels there can be felt a need for the same.

WhatsApp for Customer Care

Presently Dutch minimal effort bearer Transavia, a backup of Air France-KLM, has turned into the primary aircraft to coordinate WhatsApp into its web care channels, which likewise incorporate Twitter and Facebook.

Clients can make inquiries through the informing application, for example, making request around a current booking, how to check in on the web or hand baggage rules. Transavia says it plans to react to inquiries inside a hour and the aircraft can be come to through WhatsApp 7 days seven days somewhere in the range of 8am and 10pm.

For the administration, Transavia is utilizing a corporate WhatsApp arrangement called ‘SaySimple’ which has been created by Dutch IT supplier Information (site in Dutch) and which takes into consideration numerous discussions to be overseen by different care staff.

The WhatsApp benefit divert is as of now accessible in the Netherlands just, however when the administration turns out to be prevalent the aircraft will include different dialects, composes Jerry Downing, Web Care Manager Transavia by means of WhatsApp.

Facial Recognition

This carrier is utilizing facial acknowledgment innovation to accelerate the procedure of air ship boarding. KLM as of late played out a test at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam that enabled travellers to ‘encounter the movement procedure of things to come.’

Facial acknowledgment is being utilized to perceive how the boarding procedure can be made quicker and in addition how to enhance air terminal security. The multi month preliminary is occurring at a few doors of the KLM centre point of Schiphol to inspect the framework’s speed and dependability and how easy to use it is.

Air travellers have to register ahead of time and then can scan their boarding passes, faces and passports as a specialized kiosk. This system of aircraft boarding eliminates the need to present boarding passes at security checkpoints, allowing passengers to go directly through to security screenings.


Those who want to ensure that they can always keep an eye on their luggage or deal with the problem of lost baggage can utilize the ‘LugLoc’ to do so. The ‘LugLoc’ works with Bluetooth technology as well as GSM connectivity to perform a couple different features that travellers will find quite handy.

The ‘LugLoc’ is planned to be pressed into your things and is flight agreeable to guarantee it’s protected to be conveyed in your processed sacks. Clients can keep an eye on their cell phone to check whether their pack made it onto their trip before leaving or to perceive what airplane terminal their lost stuff is in the event that they land to find it didn’t touch base with them.

The ‘LugLoc’ improves the way toward discovering lost stuff by empowering you to tell the carrier what air terminal it’s in instead of trusting that them will discover it.

Free WI-FI in the flights

As mentioned above not all the flights have free Wi-Fi. Customers sometimes have to pay exorbitant charges to use it and which is not fair. Wi-Fi or connectivity is like a necessity especially when you are travelling at a stretch for 16-18 hours. One can have some work-related mails to look at or someone may have to call his near & dear ones to look for their well-being and at the same time update them with his own. Also, having connectivity on the flight can be useful in more ways than one. It can be used the passenger to continuously update someone who is waiting for him in a new city with updates about his position like whether the flight is arriving on the scheduled time or might be delayed so that it is convenient for everyone. Also, the passenger can use the internet for entertainment too.

Internet can be used to stay in active touch of the world while still travelling and not be isolated. It can be used to continuously update yourself with information that may be very insightful for the person in the immediate future and helps to keep a track of stock markets too.

In today’s competitive environment lagging behind by even a minute can be very harmful for any individual or any business for that matter as the competitor can gain advantage in that particular moment. If a person is heading for an important meeting to other part of the world from one then he can use the time in his flight to make all the research thorough and cross check all the facts & figures that he already has. This time that he utilizes can go a long way in determining the future of the deal. Thus, having Wi-Fi connectivity can provide an airline with an advanced feature and can be considered as an innovative step towards further enhancing the customer experience and looking after the needs of the customer.   

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