How Stress Levels are Measured

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As a high schooler, we have stress wherever we go. Nonetheless, we live in a town where the Los Alamos National Laboratory is. As students, there is already stressed from that but when you have a parent who works there and has a Ph.D. in their field it puts even more stress because they expect more out of there kid. We also have the stress of college and how we are expected from our parents to get into ivy league colleges. I’ll be talking about how stress is affecting our .

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“How Stress Levels are Measured”

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Dr. Maidenberg explains how females are 40 percent more likely to have more than three hours of homeowner per class than guys. Dr. Maidenberg says that females have a higher GPA average of 3.57, while guys will have an average of 3.34. You all could agree that it is true, you can easily pick out who has the higher GPA and who doesn’t. I still do not excuse the fact that we all are suffering from either sleep deprivation to no social life. On average teens report that their stress levels are at least 6.5 on a 10 point scale. Not going to toot your horn but that is crazy.

Now as a student I can certainly say I do feel the stress. On average I usually have a good four to five hours of homework a night. Now a lot of you can say that is manageable but I also work and my shifts are never the same. There are nights where I’ll come home and do homework till two or three in the morning. I wake up late so I don’t have breakfast or to make a quick lunch I also did not eat dinner the night before that. And when I come to class we will take a quiz or a test that I was trying to study for, but I’m too tired to even put my own name down of the sheet of paper. Ok so the next day passes and I totally failed the test 8 out of 50. Now, what was the point of studying when I could have eaten and had my full eight to nine hours of sleep and probably gotten a better score on the test.

A survey found that 31 percent of teens feel overwhelmed. 35 percent reported that stress caused them to lie awake or tossing and turning all night. And 26 percent say they are either over or not eating at all if they are eating it is all unhealthy foods. With the lack of sleep that teens get it increases there appetite making them hold onto fat. It is easier for a teen to make microwavable Pizza Rolls then to make themselves something healthier with protein and nutrients. With stress the body releases adrenaline which is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, especially in conditions of stress, increasing rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and preparing muscles for exertion.

Now when well tell teachers that we are stressed or there is too much homework being given. They will respond back with two different responses, it can either be good or bad. The teacher might work with you or the teacher will say manage your time better they will also tell you this is life and no one is going to baby you anymore. When it comes down to the board of education the only thing they want to do is keep us in school, the thing they are all adults. If we had a few teens to help put some input or convenience how the homework we are given is increasing the stress level.

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