Library System with Barcode Reader

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Introduction Now, in our society all over the world technology is the most important advancement, a necessity in bringing about progress as we move along in this computerized world. These changes in effect make man’s life easier and more convenient. The relationship between the library and computer is constantly changing that the use of computer contributes to the way man learns and communicates. It easy in this world to strive for changes and since library is no different from any firm and institution, considering the use of computer to perform a given task will be efficient. Librarians have the responsibility not only to know about the ways in which libraries will be managed using techniques of automation, but also to be aware of the changes that automation can bring to the library services in the near future.

Thus, computer works in ways radically different from human beings and the flow of works in an automated system can differ quite considerably from that in the manual system. At the present time, IT in business was really rising, making extremely demand in our society. It is a very useful material to help us in our job like minimizing our time in doing our works. It brings us a quick result in a short period of time. These computer technologies usually use nowadays in different aspects because it helps them a lot in terms of their services. It usually helped them in monitoring. The proponents aim is to offer solution to the problems regarding library procedures and management, and to provide a user-friendly system for their ease and comfort. The system basically responds to the needs of the librarian and student body. Abstract The general objective of this study is proposed a systematized way of keeping and filling of all the books information in the library of University of Makati. We the researchers proposed a system entitled “A Proposed Library System with Barcode Reader for University of Makati” that will computerize the library activity of the said University.

The study will serve a better assistance to the students, teachers, and the staff through the effective use of library resources. The systematized library activities such as borrowing of books, computation of penalty for overdue books fine, and keeping track of lost.

This proposed system involves the usage of computers as additional help for doing their task. The proposed system will easily monitor the availability of books so the librarian will know what the status is and what books are available. The involvement of computer also aims to minimize the time to search a specific book by inputting its information. This proposed system also provides security for the log in. The researchers hope that their study would really help the university’s library. Background of the Study UMak is an LGU fully-funded public university originally established in 1972 as the Makati Polytechnic Community College. In response to the growing demands for more curricular program offerings, the Polytechnic Community College was elevated to the status of a full-blown college and renamed Makati College in 1987. A merger with the former Fort Andres Bonifacio College on January 10, 1990 paved the way for the transformation of the college into a University. By virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 433, Pamantasan ng Makati became a chartered university of Makati City on December 19, 1991 under the administration of Mayor Jejomar C. Binay. On August 27, 2002, City Ordinance 2002-111 has been approved amending City Ordinance No. 9-443 revising the Pamantasan ng Makati Charter so as to change the official name of Pamantasan ng Makati to University of Makati subject to all laws and existing legal regulations.

Since UMak is in Makati, we all know that the University serves a better assistance in the student. Umak have a large number of students, and it is still using a manual library system. The University encountered problems because their populations become bigger. The Computerized Library System develops to find a helpful solution in this kind of problem. Scope and Limitation This study is based on the manual library system of University of Makati. The focus of the study is to create a library system that is needed very much on filling, and arranging of library’s books information and borrower’s records.

This system also focuses on the borrower’s so that the librarian will easily know who the borrower of the book is. Every book records will be stored and the file retrieval will be faster and comprehensive. The books are easy to find in the system by the use of search engine. The system can easily monitor the list of all books, the status and the availability that are presently stored in the system. By the use of bar code reader, the books are easily recognized by the system so that less consuming of time to add books and to borrow books. In terms of returning of books, the system will compute the penalty for overdue books fine. The system will generate inventory reports.

For the limitations, the proposed system will not include . It is not connected on the other department. Other matters that were not mentioned in this study are to beyond the control of the researchers and would definitely not be included. Importance of the Study In the fast development of Library System, computers almost conquer all aspect of the business. The proposed system “Library System with Barcode Reader” has a high standard, because it will help the librarian to manage all the records. The proposed system is significant for it can answer the problem of the client regarding on the activities inside the library. Through this study, it will serve as a fulfillment among the researchers by gaining more experience and expertise in the fields of computer.

The proposed system would benefit the University of Makati especially to the librarians who are responsible in arranging and organizing the books information in the library. This study would be a great relevance since it would organize the arrangement of the books and to give fast and accurate information to the user. In addition the proposed system will make the work of the user easy and comfortable. The importance of the system to the University’s librarian is that it will help the librarian for precise and quality assistance and give advantage for the use of computerized library system.

The system will provide the necessary records of their books by the use of modern equipments. This proposed system can serve as a tool for future researchers who want to venture on a similar study. Conceptual Framework * Easier to monitor the availability books. * Books and users information will be secured * Convenient and organized to perform the process of borrowing. . “A Proposed Library System with Barcode Reader for University Of Makati” * Users * Chief librarian * Librarian staff * Data * Books Information * Students Information * Hardware * Computers * Bar code reader * Printer * Books list with information * Books list with the status and availability * Borrower’s Information List * Reports * Overdue Slip * Overdue books report Returned books report * Borrowed books report Input Process Output Benefits Benefits Statement of the Problem The aim of this study is to analyze the problem encountered in the manual system of University of Makati. The researchers interviewed the chief librarian regarding the problems and difficulty in their manual system. General Problem: How does the research project can make library activities more systematized? Specific Problems: * Does the research project can lessen the time in process in searching of books? Does the research project can easily monitor the status and availability books? * Does the research project can organize the list of the books? * Does the research project can minimize the time in the process of borrowing and returning of books? * Does the research project can secure all the records of the said system? Objectives of the study The main goal of this study aside from fulfilling the requirement in I. T. Research Project was to give University of Makati a more systematic way of arranging and organize their library records. The university also wanted to find ways on minimize time in searching books, recording transactions, monitoring books list and generating reports.

The researcher also aimed to develop a functional system that would hopefully help Umak. The proposed system would be secured with the help of security level using login. The proposed system was suitable for librarian staff to be use because it is easy to identify the interface and functions of the computerized system. General Objective: To be able to make a more systematic way of keeping and filling the records of all the books. Specific Objectives: * Create a system that lessens the time in searching books. * Create a system that can easily monitor the list of all books, the status and the availability that are presently stored in the system. * Create a system that is more organized than the manual system * Create a system that minimize the time in process of borrowing of books. * Create a system that will secure all the records. CHAPTER I “A Proposed Library System with Barcode Reader For University of Makati” Dador, Huber John A. Esguerra, Christian U. Mata, Ralph Aries A. Tallada, Raymond C.

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