Evaluating the Use of Al-Ain University Library in Abu Dhabi

Evaluating the Use of Al-Ain University Library in Abu Dhabi and its services: Introduction The purpose of the institution of higher education library is to prop up the educational programmes of the academia by on condition that significant information so as to take action to the mounting information burden of the users who encompass the apprentices and the academic personnel of the university. The new Century pretenses fundamental confronts to the university libraries that the on the whole functions and services are prejudiced frequently. This is in stroke with the estimation that many problems influence the way services are make available in the library on a customary base. These challenges consistently stipulate that assessment of university libraries services’ remnants worthwhile. Unvarying appraisal of the university libraries utilize is the confident method to make certain that information is attained so as to determine whether the library is congregation its predictable objective, so that modification should be made where essential for effectual information service deliverance. In conjunction with this, the rationale of valuation, as confirmed by different scientists is to congregate information on how the library is completing its goals with an observation to increasing the deliverance of library services. In the luminosity of this therefore, requirement for this study becomes very important. It has been converted into maneuver to determine the degree to which the students of Al Ain University are exploiting the resources in their institution of higher education library. Determine the Purpose of the study

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“Evaluating the Use of Al-Ain University Library in Abu Dhabi”

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  • The foremost rationale of this study is to estimate the utilization of library possessions and services by students of Al Ain University. Particularly, the study is located out to:
  • Determine the occurrence of the utilization of library by the students of the university.
  • Discover out the ease of use/satisfactoriness of the library possessions.
  • Figure out the convenience of the library possessions.
  • Find out user’ echelon of fulfillment with the offers provided.
  • Find out the limitation to effectual exercise of library assets by the students.
  • Recommend realistic ways to perk up use of the library by the students of the University.

Research Questions

  • The subsequent research questions were pretense to conduct this study:
  • How numerous do the subscribers of Al Ain University utilize the University Library?
  • To what degree are materials accessible or sufficient in the University Library?
  • To what degree are the materials in the University Library available?
  • To what level are the subscriber or users pleased with the offerings and amenities endow with?
  • What are the limitations to effectual exploit of library possessions by the students of the University?
  • In how many ways can the utilization of the library be enhanced in the students of the University?

Determine data gathering and analysis techniques Research type was descriptive and causal as well. This is designed to depict the characteristics of library users and library services and find out the impact of applications of facilities on studies. Study followed deductive approach. It started with ample studies and literature review. Then it formalized to concept of Library offerings, system of to issue material and impact on students of university. From the findings in literature review questionnaire was designed. We collected data from the questionnaire and interviews based on the previous research work. Results will be analyzed from the data according to questionnaire. Research investigated with casual and correlation ways such as: the subscriber or users pleased with the offerings and amenities endow with and utilization of the library and enhancement in the knowledge of students of the University? Study setting based on non-contrived method. All data collected from Al Ain university library students in natural environment to see the relationship between use of students and library system. As data was gathered once, so it was cross-sectional study or one shot study. Close ended form of questionnaire selected because respondents find it interesting and easy to choose the options instead of giving random answers and additional comments. In other words, respondents come across with marked out categories in a closed question. As data was gathered once, so it was cross-sectional study or one shot study. This is a case study. The populace is 2500 recorded library exploiters, of which 200 people were chosen, by means of a in proportion stratified sampling technique. The most important mechanism for information compilation was a questionnaire. The survey was succinct and prearranged. Respondents were given moment in time and opportunity to absolute the questionnaire in the records. 200 response of the questionnaire were appropriately accomplished and come back. Throughout examination, frequencies were calculated from the rejoinder to the questions and transformed to percentages as obtainable and analyzed as follows. Data Presentation and Analysis Table 1 Allocation of users by position pic 154 (77%) of answers from the group of students, while 46 (23%) were employees. Students comprise the greater part in the university group of people. Regularity of the Use of Library Table 2: classification of Questionnaires by their regularity of utilizing of Library services pci A greater part of survey analysis, 74 (37%) worn the library in first slot, whereas 76 (38%) fall in second category which represent once in a week. Only 13 (7%) used the library once a month. Motives for Using the Library Table 3: Allocation by motives for means of using the Library pic 50 (25%) draw closer to the library to comprehend library books, 70 (35%) utilize the library offerings to refer the materials, 45 (23%) use for course group project and 20 (10%) to have access to library manuscript. Only 4 (3%) approached to exercise the library for all mentioned above motives, whereas another aspect of motive is to read library materials especially books and check with mention materials in which 25 percent people fall. Analysis Materials worn out Most Table 4: Allocations by evaluation and assessment Materials worn most users pic Reading Books report for the majority library stay, with 98 (49%), orientation resources consist of 23 (11%), journalists/publication 17(8%), periodical/directories 27 (13%) and assignment information 12(6%). Accessibility of Material Table 6: Users’ answer on ease of use of evaluation Materials oic Result and discussion of Findings Mutually the students and the employees utilize the library resources, even though students comprise the preponderance. The majority surveys response exploit the library two to three times a week or every day, an excellent suggestion of library draw on. A lot of motives were highly developed by means ofusing library. The prime numeral of respondents moves towards to read books from the compilation, while on second priority approached to confer with resource materials. This shows that possessions are being utilized, even though many students move toward the library to do lessons coursework. Textbooks are the a large amount frequently-used resources with 98 , pursue by indication materials Nearly three quarters of users designate that they go straight to the defer to situate material, and 18 ask the library staff. That may give details why users depend more on library staff than on the certificate catalogue in locating reading resources. While this admirable, users should be trained to employ the catalogue. Half of users rated library resources and amenities as “fair”, on second category it is rated them “good,” very low give consent as “very good.” Recommendation and conclusion: In this experiential study, the authors were twisted on assessing the use of library by the students of Al Ain University. Facts and figures were drawing out from them on a lot of aspects of areas of utilization of library. Scrutinize were the occurrence of the use of the library, the degree to which resources are accessible and sufficient in the library, the degree to which the possessions are accessible in the library, users’ contentment with the services and amenities provided, tribulations affecting effectual use of the library by the students, and conduct of humanizing the use of the library by students. In the light of the findings of the investigations, it is to make the following recommendations: The tradition of using the Library should be in collated into students from side to side avenues such as systematize library presentation, library display, library direction, and addition of use of library as a course in the University’s prospectus so as to pull towards you students to the Library. The library compilation has to be improved to make certain that there is sufficient and impartial collection shimmering the concentration of all the departments. Organization and arrangement of the library compilation through cataloguing, categorization and indexing should be taken dangerously in organize to make possible right of entry and recovery to the resources. The Library Management should board on activities that would augment users’ satisfaction because if users are satisfied, their benefaction will be protected and the occurrence of benefaction will also be augmented. Electronic/online library services have to be improved and users should be confident to use them. The Library should be making available with substitute means of authority supply in case to foresee power failure; standby power-generating sets should be made obtainable to the Library to take care of this. Services in the Library have to be computerized so that users’ information requirements could be responded to punctually and without stoppage.

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