How did Christopher Columbus Create Sugar Industry

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When Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean in 1492 not only did he give birth to the future of the united state politically he also introduced one of the top marketing industries in United States history, sugar. The sugar industry had such a large impact on the united states economy that it brought up much skepticism to what are the major reasons for the successfulness of this very diverse product. When determining the answer to this question one must completely analyze the backstory to sugar and then understand that land and climate played an important role, so did mercantilism but the largest reason can be easily marked at the simple ideology of supply and demand.

Of course, land and climate has had very diverse impacts on many different marketing industries but because of the global placement in the united states and how the climate changes in the united states were so perfect for the development of sugar canes then it can easily be argued that land and climate was the birthplace. When one looks at (Doc A) you can easily see that the Spanish, the original colonizers, owned and possessed much of the land in this region meaning if the land was good enough to plant the Spanish who hold a threshold for the future of sugar would be the first ones on it. This fact is backed up by (DOC B) which shows how the ideal land to produce sugar is closely matched in Jamaica and the Barbados then that means the Spanish would be able to capitalize on sugar making an abundance of sugar which then makes the industry we have today.

In order for an industry to properly excel it must properly “play the right cards” this is exactly where mercantilism plays a part. For the distribution of sugar to be at the best peak and the most amount of money to benefit the Spanish the idea of mercantilism helped this out greatly. This is proven in (DOC P) when they explain “As a result England had a favorable balance of trade. That is more money came into England then went out. The result was national wealth that led to national power.” The dominance that mercantilism surrounding sugar had was so great that it led to so much. For a market to be classified as booming it must bring the nation these positive outcomes that sugar did. This is properly examined in (DOC Q) “Sugar is now becoming a better use in Europe, and the consumption in many parts of Europe increasing” this shows that sugar play a n extremely large role in the successfulness of this specific nation.

With all land and climate are disregarded and so is mercantilism because in order for those two to prosper supply and demand must excel. The reason that the demand for sugar was so high is because of the versatility. “Sugar as a sweetener came to the force in connection with three other exotic imports tea coffee and chocolate of which one tea became and has since remained the most important non-alcoholic beverage.” (DOC F). the increase in demand for sugar because of its versatility increased the demand of it which then created an extremely changeable economy. (DOC G) showed what the exact ratio is and how the population of the British grew from 1700 to 1o 1770 changed the consumption rate per capita from 4.6 to 16.2. This growth was tremendous and opened the door for the largest supply and demand ratio in world history.

In conclusion, although Christopher Columbus might not have been aware of the pathway that he carved it still had an extremely large affect on millions of peoples live. The sugar trade created a new era of global dominance. Many different countries might have invested in sugar but this Impacted this region much more than expected. The only ones to be thanked for this job would be the role of land and climate, mercantilism and most of All of supply and demand..

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