J K Rowling: Author of the Famous Harry Potter

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JK Rowling also known as Joanne Rowling is the author of the famous Harry Potter series. She worked very hard over the years. She liked to work hard and was very much fearless. Although she had been through some hard times,she didn’t give up. She got some rejections and had failures , but she has managed to make a life out of her writing. In my opinion I think that Rowling is a very inspirational women.

Early life

JK Rowling was born in Gloucestershire, England in 1965 on July, 31. Her parents named her Joanne Murray Rowling. Rowling became a big sister a little bit after her second birthday. Rowling has always liked fiction stories. Her first book was named Bunny. She had a very charming and happy childhood, other than the fact kids teased her due her last name.


Even though she had a good childhood, She had a really hard life as an adult. She ended up a single mother and was very poor. She worked a lot of jobs to try to feed her child. On a train ride home Jk Rowling had imagined something that changed her life. She had been drawing a boy named Harry Potter, a boy of wizardry, on a napkin. A few years after the idea, she started writing a manuscript. Sadly, she was rejected by 12 different publishers. Luckily a miracle happened, and she had was accepted by Barry Cunningham of Bloomsbury. Once her book was published 1000 copies where sold and 500 went to public libraries and she earned an 8000 dollar grant.

Personal life

Rowling had fallen in love with a man named Jorge Arantes they where deeply in love. They had a baby girl who they named Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes. Sadly they had a divorce but shortly after she had fallen in love again with a man named Neil Michael Murray. They were in love that they decided to get kids together they first had a boy and then 2 years later they had a girl . They named their son David Gordon Rowling Murray and they named their daughter Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray.


After all I have learned through this experience will for sure say that Jk Rowling was the kind of person who would never give up. I think that Rowling is a very inspirational person because she was a single mom for a little also while trying to pursuit a career. Jk rowling Is now 53 years old and is still pursuing writing. Although it is less likely she will ever write another harry potter book people still look up to her. I really enjoyed learning about Rowling she is a very inspiring women.

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