A Biography of Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy killed, raped and assaulted women all over the U.S, targeting young college women usually in Washington and Utah. His crimes remained anonymous, instilling fear throughout the country. Through a generally typical childhood and a successful education, no one would have ever expected Bundy to be a derailed monster. His escape skills and intelligence made it difficult to convict him; but he eventually paid the price in 1989, in Railford's death penalty electric chair.

Bundy fit the characteristics of an average young boy. He participated in the Boys Scouts of America. His peers from school remember him as an intelligent, happy and popular child. So, what led to Bundy becoming a notorious killer? Maybe the peculiar confusion and anger his family caused him. His mother raised him to believe that she was his sister, and it remains obscure as to who his father might be. Bundy grew up in his grandparent's home, assuming that they were his biological parents. He eventually discovered the truth behind the lies and grew extremely angry at his family. He looked up to his grandfather; although, he was known for his turbulent temper and interest in pornography. He abused the family dog & swung neighborhood cats by their tails. He's considered to have been a possible influence for Bundy's questionable crimes.

Graduating from Woodrow Wilson High School, class of 1965; he soon attended the University of Washington the following year and graduated with a degree in psychology. A few years later, he transferred to Standford, but dropped out. Not long after, he was accepted to the University of Utah Law School. After his graduation, he went to work for the state Republican Party. He earned himself a incandescent future in politics.

Bundy's murders began in Washington, 1973. No one knows who exactly his first victim was, but Joni Lenzth was the first serious attack he can be definitively attributed to. They attended the University of Washington together. One night, he invaded her basement bedroom and beat her unconscious with a metal rod. He then brutally molested her with a speculum. Unlike many of Bundy's other victims, Lenzth survived; however she suffered brain damage and internal injuries. After killing more college women, he expeditiously relocated to Utah in 1975. At this time, he was attending the University of Utah Law School. He established a system to lure women in. He acted as a classy man; he took women out to fancy restaurants and bought them jewelry. Afterwards, when his hoax remained a success, he would rape and more than likely murder his victim. Bundy murdered women at a frightening rate. His anonymous killing sprees horrified the country.

In 1976, Bundy failed to pull over for a traffic routine stop; his vehicle was then stopped and searched. While the the patrol officer explored his car, he found a ski mask, a crowbar, handcuffs, and trash bags. He was soon arrested after a detective acknowledged that a suspect and vehicle description matched Bundy's suspicion. He was sentenced to fifteen years in the Utah State Prison after he was found guilty of kidnapping and assault. In failure of attempting to flee, he was assigned several weeks in solitary confinement. Eventually he was dispatched to the Garfield County jail. He escaped once more, this time successfully. He set off for Florida, where he attempted to live a new life.

Bundy found himself then living as "Chris Hagen". He rented a place to stay and attempted to get a job. He decided to stay innocent; he knew if he refrained from criminal activity he would attract no attention from the police and remain free. When he failed to get a job, he reverted to his old, amiss habits and began to shoplift and steal credit cards. He soon reverted completely and inaugurated to murdering and raping females, yet again.

He committed his last murder in Florida. In a stolen van, he abducted twelve year old Kimberly Ann Leach in her school parking lot while she was dismissed by her teacher to retrieve a forgotten purse; she never returned to class. She was last seen by a passerby witness who had assumed the pair were father and daughter. Kimberly was eventually found; dead, partially clothed under an old hog shed. Injury was visible on her neck, but her cause of death was indistinguishable due to decomposition. Bundy plead guilty to her murder. He was sentenced to seventy five years in prison. This proposal soon shifted to the death penalty. In 1989, Ted Bundy was executed in Railford's death penalty electric chair.

Ted Bundy was a vicious man. He killed, raped and assaulted women all over the country. He traveled throughout the U.S. targeting young college women. When he started killing at a frightening rate, fear instilled through the country. No one expected this activity to come from him. It was tough to convict him because he was outstandingly intelligent. He confessed to murdering 30 people, at least. After all the kills he made, he suffered. He was executed in the electric chair as a death penalty for his crimes in Railford.

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