Domestic Carpet Market in Nepal

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The Objective of the Business Plan.

This Research Focuses on possibilities of growing domestic market of carpet in Nepal and expanding carpets sales in the various city of China. I was nervous at the beginning when I actually had a hard time figuring out the topic for my research. I knew I wanted to do research about my dad’s business but I was not sure which topic would be more helpful for my career. After Completion of my MBA Studies, I am planning to go back to Nepal and help my dad with his business. So, I wanted to do research on weakest lead and figure out how can I improvise it. It took me more than a month to start writing this research. After studying so many research books and articles for a month I finally took my laptop and started writing my research report. This is my first and most important research project which I believe will change my perspective and encourage me to take the step for good opportunities. I feel this research outcome will help me in my future career.

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“Domestic Carpet Market in Nepal”

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This research is the hypothesis of my dad’s business failure before 10 years ago when he tried to extend the domestic market. I am trying to figure out what went wrong and why he couldn’t manage to sustain in the market with another competitor. After successfully running a business for almost 8 years my dad decided to open carpet showroom in Laximpat, Kathmandu. His motive to open the shop was to make his products known to the domestic market. But unfortunately, his plans didn’t go well which eventually lead him to close the place within a year. After a bad experience on the domestic market, he started exporting his carpet to China. Exporting carpet in China and attending the exhibition in China was his one of the best decisions which increased his sales and developed a good connection to Chinese customers. I am conducting this research to figure out what was the reason behind his failure and being unable to hold a market place in the home country. This research will focus on the possibilities of securing domestic market and Chances of increasing more sales of carpet in China.

 Executive Summary

Bajrayogini Rugs and handicrafts are carpet manufacturing company which was established in 2000. It is located at a northeastern part of the Kathmandu Valley. Bajrayogini Rugs and Handicrafts is well known for creating the highest quality rug with the standard design. My Dad Mr. Narendra Dangol decided to establish this business after working as a Manager for 9years in the same field. Carpets are manufactured with an aesthetic approach to the materials involved which makes it more sustainable and efficient. It has always been Committed to Provide Best price and quality in the Market.

He first Started this business with 70 employees and was selling his product through Mediator. It was a huge risk to sell the product on his own as he was new on the market. After failing to gain market in Nepal. He attended few exhibitions of carpet sale on China’s city Chengdu and Shanghai in 2009 which gave him confidence that he can earn a good profit and get good consumer market in China. He builds up a good connection with the retail seller in China as well as was able to promote his product in the Chinese market. After that, he kept on traveling China 3 times a year in different cities of China. His main objective is to offer the most unique products at the best price and make his product known in the market. Bajrayogini Rugs produces high-quality classical Tibetan and Nepali hand-knotted carpets which usually have provided consumer full satisfaction in- terms of quality and its unique modern designs.

Bajrayogini Rugs uses materials such as Pure Tibetan sheep wool, New Zealand Wool, Nettle, Silk, Hemp, Bamboo Silk, and Banana Silk. Bajrayogini Rugs produce 90% of Tibetan carpet and 10 % of customized carpets. Tibetan Carpets are mostly produced in Nepal these days.

Brief History on how the concept of Tibetan carpet arrived in Nepal

Nepal is a small country which borders China in the north and India in the south, east and west. Nepal was Never Colonized by the British. After World War II India gained its independence from British whereas, a communist revolution took place in China which resulted in the internal displacement of more than one million Tibetans citizen. Majority of them took refugees in India and a noticeable number of Tibetans refugees immigrated in the 1950s. In 1959 King Mahendra of Nepal granted Asylum to all Tibetans which led in the major inflow of Tibetan refugees in Nepal. Nepalese government welcomed Tibetan refugees until 1986 where Chinese government pressurizes on strict border control policy. ( After coming Nepal Tibetan refuges started weaving wools from sheep’s and manufactured carpets with help of handlooms. Along with there history, where they come from the handmade carpet, was named as Tibetan carpet.

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