Holi Festival in Nepal

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Festivals of colors “Holi” is usually celebrated on the month of Falgun indicating the beginning of spring in Nepal. The festival is also known as ‘Phagu Purnima’ in Nepal. Friends, relatives gather together, play with water and celebrate the festival of colors: Holi. Holi 2019 sightseeing around the Kathmandu valley is exciting and lots of fun. Holi festival in Nepal occurs on the full moon day indicating the end of winter and beginning of spring season in Nepal.

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“Holi Festival in Nepal”

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Thus, the festival is considered important for prosperity in friendship and new relations. There’s a long history of Holi festival in Nepal. In short, the festival is celebrated in the victory over evil. The devil king Hiranyakashyab used to order his pupils to worship him but his own son.

Prahlad worshipped Lord Vishnu instead of worshipping him. He kept on worshiping Lord Vishnu. His father planned to kill his son and made a plan with his sister Holika to sit in the fire with Prahlad who was blessed with the resistance of fire. Unfortunately, Holika was burnt to ashes but Prahlad was saved by Lord Vishnu. Thus, on the victory of an evil spirit, the festival of colors in Nepal is celebrated every year.

Holi 2019 is getting popular in Kathmandu valley. especially, in Thamel area, many of the Restaurants and bars, also trekking agencies give many kinds of offers on this day. Kids used to play with balloons filled with colored water. Young people roam around the area playing with color. Also, some of the houses celebrate the Holi festival throwing water, plastics filled with water to each other, and colors to each other. Adult people put colors and celebrate the Holi Festival.

Multiple numbers of cultural parties, concerts at different places around Kathmandu, dances, live performances by famous celebrities of Nepal at Civil Mall and other different shopping centers will be carried out during the Holi festival of Nepal 2019.

The plus point of the festival is that there’s no religion bound to celebrate it. Any religion is free to celebrate the festival with the joyous and happy face. Going depth, you can find that the festival is celebrated for two days in Nepal. One day at Himalayan and Hilly region whereas the other at Terai region of Nepal. It’s celebrated first at Hilly and Himalayan then at Terai region.

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