How Yoga Can Change your Life Forever?

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Perhaps you want your mind to gain more clarity or you feel like you need some grounding. Whatever the purpose is, yoga can change your life, one way or another. Statistics revealed that more and more people are gaining interest in the yoga practice. In the United States alone, more than 27 million people practiced yoga in 2017. With its positive impact on one's mind and body, this figure comes as no surprise.

So, what are the benefits of yoga exactly, and why is there an increasing rave about it? We've listed down the many ways yoga can change your life. Find out how, and you might find yourself getting on to that mat even sooner than you think.

  • Yoga improves your flexibility and strength.

Practicing yoga regularly will improve your body's flexibility and strength. Yoga poses involve a lot of stretching, allowing your body to be more flexible and stronger over time with regular practice. These yoga stretches will help tone your body too, improving your aesthetic appearance on the outside.
But beyond giving you more toned muscles, yoga supports the functions of your body's internal systems as well. This includes your metabolic, digestive, endocrine, immune, respiratory, lymphatic, and cardiovascular systems. In other words, you will not only have a more flexible and stronger form, your internal systems will be strengthened as well.

  • Yoga strengthens your immune system.

As earlier mentioned, yoga does not simply tone and strengthen your muscles, it provides support for your internal systems, too. Among them is your immune system. Yoga helps to reduce stress hormones, which can adversely affect immune function. Yoga also stimulates the movement of oxygen, lymph, and blood throughout your body, and allows you to calm down. By way of reducing stress hormones and ensuring your organs' optimal function, your immune system is strengthened. And we all know that a strong immune system protects our body from diseases.

  • Yoga boosts your energy levels.

One of the benefits of yoga is its ability to improve your energy levels. And with the often-busy lifestyles that most of us have, getting higher energy levels is something that many of us consider a necessity. The good news is, yoga can help you attain just that. The breathing practices included in yoga help improve your body's oxygenation and blood flow, giving your body the energy boost that it needs. But aside from this, yoga also helps to clear your mind, making you feel more invigorated and motivated.

  • Yoga improves your metabolism.

Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical processes that produce the body's energy regulated by the endocrine system. Yoga plays a key role in stimulating and strengthening endocrine organs which boosts metabolism. Several yoga postures relax the abdominal and endocrine organs, which helps improve their function and circulation and rid them of dormant and harmful toxins. As a result, more calories are torched that can also lead to weight loss.

  • Yoga improves your self-awareness.

Have you ever missed what your friend was saying because your mind is wandering someplace else? Many of us have little awareness about our bodies and our thoughts and how to control them. Yoga teaches you to be present at the moment, and completely embrace all the dimensions that go with it. By practicing yoga, you become more aware of your thoughts, your breath, and your body. And through regular practice, you allow your self-awareness to grow, helping you to connect with your life experiences deeper.

  • Yoga allows you to connect with yourself.

Since yoga cultivates self-awareness, it allows you to develop a deeper connection with yourself, too. Many people consider yoga as a personal experience. A quiet, solemn time performing this ancient practice allows you to shift your focus on yourself, and leave any worries you have at the door. You become more present and more able to fully embrace your feelings at the moment.
It's normal to feel overwhelmed or lost in life, and yoga helps to regain your core and sense of being and redeem your drive, focus, and passion.

  • Yoga improves your self-esteem.

Many of us still feel inferior to others. People who take their low-self esteem negatively tend to overeat, overwork, take drugs or sleep around, exposing themselves to things that can be harmful to their mental, physical and spiritual health. Yoga is rather a positive approach to combat low self-esteem and the detrimental effects it poses to one's overall health and well-being.
The philosophy of yoga teaches you that you are a Divine manifestation. And if you regularly practice yoga, you can discover facets of yourself you may not know yet. You will feel more grateful, forgiving, and emphatic. You are also likely to positively think that you belong to something greater, boosting your confidence and trust in yourself.

  • Yoga allows you to relax.

With our hectic schedules and loads of commitments, it's challenging to find some quiet time to relax and unwind. And while at some point it may appear like we're relaxing, thoughts of what else needs to be accomplished still tend to haunt us. Yoga allows you to take a deep breath and put your worries aside for a while. When you're able to relax, you're also able to gain a clearer perspective.

  • Yoga improves your sleep.

Yoga gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It provides your nervous system some downtime so you can have a restful night, too. Getting an adequate amount of sleep will make you feel less stressed and exhausted, and you're more likely to function better and avoid accidents.

  • Yoga improves your balance.

Yoga also improves your balance by means of your movements, transitions, and strength development. This ancient practice teaches you to master your balance by focusing on your alignment, which should be in line with gravity; strength, which allows you to find, control, and change your alignment; and attention, which lets you adapt to changes whenever there's a need to. Yogis, meantime, suggest using your mind over your body when trying to gain balance.

  • Yoga prevents the risk and severity of IBS and other digestive problems.

Irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, and constipation are worsened by stress. To avoid suffering severely from these health conditions and other digestive problems, you need to take the stress out of the equation. Just like any other physical activity or exercise, yoga can help lessen your stress levels. It can also reduce constipation because body movement facilitates the speedy transport of waste materials through bowels.

  • Yoga helps ease body pain.

Research revealed that yoga is also helpful for people who are suffering from pain that is often associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine, and other chronic pain conditions. Relieving your pain can create a domino effect: your mood will improve, you'll be encouraged to be more active, and you won't need any medications.

New Yoga Trends to Try

There's no doubt how yoga became a prized routine for many, what with all the benefits it offers to one's health and well-being. And while it is known as an ancient practice, it still strives to keep up with this constantly evolving world. So, if you're finally convinced that yoga can change your life, here are some new yoga trends you might want to consider trying:

  • Acrobatic Yoga

Acrobatic yoga doesn't sound like something you'd try if you're a beginner. This new trend needs your complete body balance and strength. You can execute this with a partner, taking turns lifting and balancing each other while doing yoga poses. A little friendly tip: Find a partner you can trust.

  • Boozy Yoga

What can sound more interesting than yoga combined with a little booze? And nope, we are not kidding! Apparently, there's this thing called Beer Yoga, which allows you to drink beer during yoga sessions. The concept, which originated in Germany, wants to attain comfort and relaxation while doing those tricky poses.

  • Rooftop Yoga

Yoga with a view? Sounds promising to us! Many people want to practice yoga without being confined in the four corners of a studio. Some people just love being outdoors, isn't it? If you're one who absolutely adores being outside, rooftop yoga might be your best bet! Take in those spectacular views of skyscrapers and watch the sunset as you perform yoga poses. This trend is expected to create noise in the coming years as more studios partner with hotels and establishments to provide this unique and awesome experience!

  • Silent Disco Yoga

Love disco parties? We're guessing you'll want to try this new trend called Silent Disco yoga. Yogis are required to wear wireless headphones connected to a similar source. They will hear both cues from their instructor and music through the headphones. Yogis who'll try this new trend are expected to have a deeply engaging experience with their yoga teacher and the music that they're hearing.


Regardless of the manner by which you want to execute those yoga poseswhether it's the traditional way or the new trends sprouting today, what's important is you start practicing it. These yoga health benefits are sure to change someif not allaspects in your life. And we're guessing it's for the better! What's more, by consistently practicing yoga, you are sure to reap significant benefits for your overall health and well-being, and you'll realize that indeed, yoga can change your life forever.

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