World Conflict

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World Conflict There is a lot of conflict happening in this world within powerful nations or third-world countries. Even though third-world countries are having issues, the superpowers are the most concerning conflicts that can happen. Which can lead to a ww3 and the destruction of the world itself. There has been a lot of tension between the United States and China recently. On Sunday a Chinese destroyer came within yards of the U.S. Navy ship at the Spratly Islands. Now there have been close encounters before but “appears to have been closer than any recent event.” said Lawrence Brennan, a law professor at Fordham University in New York. Another thing that has made the tension between China and the United States increase is the tariffs as they are the largest yet.

There is no sign that either side wants to do a negotiation and President Trump said, 'if Chinese President Xi Jinping refuses to budge, he will unleash tariffs on an additional $267 billion in Chinese imports. Now the international law allows the United States to operate in the South China Sea. China's spokesmen Wu Qian said “seriously threatening China’s sovereignty and security” and “seriously undermining the relations between the two countries and the two militaries. So how I see it is that the U.S. government should really try to make some tension go down by keep inviting China’s government to talk it out in a conference room. Or at least back off for a bit or to take more careful measurements in the South China Sea because from what I see a little wrong move and war is bound to happen.

I know Trump isn't afraid to use military force if something would happen between the U.S. and Chinese navy but I don't know if Congress is willing to go to war as Congress would have to approve going to war, plus with tariffs being at the highest between both countries doesn't help at all. I am really hoping they can do an agreement or something because things can get really nasty and possibly even cause World War 3. The U.S. and South Korea made a decision together on Friday to once again cancel another major military exercise in order to give the diplomatic process with North Korea 'every opportunity to continue.' President Trump has thought that the military exercises are not only expensive but as well provocative, which he has canceled other major exercises during his time in office after his summit with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un in Singapore. The White House said 'The President believes that his relationship with Kim Jong Un is a very good and warm one, and there is no reason at this time to be spending large amounts of money on joint US-South Korea war games. Besides, the President can instantly start the joint exercises again with South Korea, and Japan, if he so chooses,' which I agree because it has been a while since we have been in a good relationship with North Korea.

Now I also think that it's not really necessary to show military power because it's just wasting money plus if we are in a good relationship with North Korea why keep doing major exercises. Maybe once a year doing a major military exercise should be good enough to display them the military power the United States. The goal is the keep improving the relationship even though Gen. Robert Abrams said that the lack of exercise has resulted in a 'slight degradation' but, also acknowledging that this can keep improving relationships between both nations.

Now I'm not worried because just like the article said the President can make the drills happen instantly if for some reason Kim and Trump got into bad terms. Plus the United States and South Korea are going to still keep doing military drills but they are going to modified the drills being done. Overall I think President Donald Trump is doing a good job as he is still trying to keep improving his relationship with Kim Jong Un. The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty(I.N.F) was signed by President Ronald Reagan’s and President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1986. This treaty is what ended the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union which is now known as Russia. Now Trump administration is getting ready to tell the Russian leaders that they are planning on leaving the treaty because in the past four years it is said that Russia has been violating the treaty by 'deployed prohibited tactical nuclear weapons to intimidate European nations and former Soviet states that have aligned with the West. But President Barack Obama chose not to leave the agreement because of objections from the Europeans — particularly Germany — and out of concern that it would rekindle an arms race.' Now Trump is not like Obama and does not share his views, so he will not allow Russia to keep on with the violation of the treaty. Another reason is that with China growing with its military and not being in the treaty they are free to create missiles that can travel thousands of miles, so the United States wants to be able to make counter strike missiles overall to make sure the U.S is safe.

Now of course leaving this treaty in my opinion is scary because we all want to live in a world without worries about get nuked. This would make another era with all countries being unease worried about if a wrong move is done what is going to happen. Hans M. Kristensen, the director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, a private group in Washington said 'The collapse of the treaty would likely open up a missile race in Europe and elsewhere,” and that “It would signal a new phase where countries would compete to deploy and counter deploy weapons.”

Overall this is making our allies worry about the future and what can happen but I also agree that if Russia has been violating the treaty we should back out. Maybe the treaty should be adjusted with the hopes of not getting into another Cold War. Now I don't think the United States should leave the treaty but instead try to work out something because if there is a war with there not being a treaty then I guess we will not a have world to live in due to the aftermath of a war.

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