Nuclear Weapons in the World

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Nuclear weapons should be entirely removed from all countries because it doesn't help anybody in anyway. The only outcome of using nuclear power is death and destruction. The negative effects of nuclear weapons go on and on. The death toll of this power would be in the millions and everyone that was involved in the war would be almost completely wiped out. The countries that have these weapons are North Korea, Israel, India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, China, France, the United States, and Russia. The United States and Russia have a larger supply of nuclear weapons compared to the other countries. The United States has roughly has 6,550 nuclear weapons and Russia has roughly around 6,800. Countries that have nuclear weapons feel protected and do not want to give them up. Getting rid of all nuclear weapons is flawed because there are so many countries that have them. Some countries use the fact that they have nuclear force as power for their country. We have a way to “restrict” nuclear power from countries by putting nuclear sanctions on them.

Nuclear Sanctions are a way of controlling the use of nuclear power for defence of their countries. The countries that have these sanctions include Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Russia. What it means when a country gets a sanction on them it is a “threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule.” Not just one country can put a sanction on another the United Nations must come together and discuss the problem and decide whether or not to put a sanction the country. Putting these sanctions on these countries cause many tensions to arise. North Korea has threatened to Enable there nuclear weapons if the U.S. does not remove their sanction on them. The leader of Russia Vladimir Putin has called the U.S. sanction on North Korea useless, and he stated that “ They would rather eat grass than give up their nuclear programme". The UNODC (United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs) has a number of multilateral treaties against nuclear force; the treaties include the, Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear weapons which bans testing of nuclear weapons in space or underwater the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban treaty which was sign in 1966 but has not been applied yet, and the Treaty of the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which was able to be signed in 2017 but has also not been applied yet. These treaties and sanction need to be enforced and applied before tensions become to much and millions die and the environment gets destroyed

The after effect of a nuclear war would be catastrophic. One of the worse things that comes out of nuclear force is the after effect; Radiation will spread through the area that was targeted. When the bomb would first be dropped, the impact would cause you be disintegrated, the thermal radiation exposure. When you are exposed to ionizing radiation which is the radiation involved in nuclear weapons it can lead a lot of bad symptoms which include cancer, reducing of cardiac functions, nausea, bloody diarrhea, bloody vomiting, skin will burn and you and lesions will be vulnerable to infections. The radiation from the nuclear weapons is so strong that if you are directly hit by it wouldn't hurt because the radiation would burn off the pain nerves. If you were to survive that the only way to treat this is to amputate the infected area. Radiation can also cause birth defects, babies that are in the development stages of 2 to 18 weeks have been common to get brain defects, growth stunts, and mental retardation. When the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, there seemed to be shadows the people that were literally vaporized from the immense heat from the explosion. The question is how would we recover from a nuclear fallout?

We all know that if a WW3 were to happen that the planet would be almost uninhabitable because of the amount of heat and radiation. If a Nuclear war would happen then, billions of Kgs of smoke and dust would will the atmosphere which would cause food shortages from the plants not getting the amount of sunlight that is need and it would cool the earth down enough for the plants to not be able to grow. If there were to be survivors on this fall out they would wish they were not alive as they would die from cancers or mutations from the radiation. The air you would breathe would be like poison from the number of chemicals in the air; the water would be contaminated and so will the plants and animals. Overall this would be a lose - lose situation for everyone involved.

There would be no reason for a war like this to happen, it has no positives and the only outcome is death a destruction. No one will win and there will be billions of innocent people and animal that will be caught in the crossfire. Albert Einstein once said.“I know not with what weapons World war III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” This quote explains that if there is a WW3 than there will be nothing left in the world and that we will have to start over. WW3 will be our meteor, and we are the dinosaurs.

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