Social Oppression of Women Theme in Trifles

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What are the "trifles" that the men ignore but the women notice? Author shows us stereotypical men whose words and actions shows us they egotistical, thoughtless, self-important, and condescending personalities. And kind and carrying women that have strong sense of female intuition. One of those trifles we can see when Hale states that John Wright never cared what his wife wanted to county attorney. He stopped Hale because he did not find that to be significant to the crime. Where women in the different seen talk to each other and Mrs. Hale says to Mrs. Peterson that John Wright was a difficult man to live with, she tells her that Mrs. Wright use to be social beautiful soul who loved to sing and after marrying her husband she gets locked up in the cage that she can not get out of. Mrs. Hale even feel guilty for not coming and checking on her long-lost friend Minnie Wright. Both women feel pain and broking emotions of Mrs. Wright and see significant signs for a murder motive. Then we see how county attorney goes thru the kitchen finds a dirty towel and messy dishes and assumes right away that Mrs. Wright was just a dirty housekeeper. Where two women notice that kitchen is not dirty it is in the middle of being cleaned up. Table is half cleaned, Mrs. Wright was trying to bake some bread, and the towel is not dirty is just guy who came to fire the stove cleaned his hands with it. That is just few trifles that men ignore but women notice. In the play Trifles we see difference of men and women way of thinking. The things that men consider insignificant women find very interesting.

The play Trifles has been written in the early twenty's century when male dominated society still limited women opportunities. Men was a King and women was his dependent. In my opinion authors point here is that the women are very strong, smart and way tougher than any men, when they want and need to be. That nothing can brake us, and if the women will come together, they can protect one another; they can stay strong and empower each other in the time of need.

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