Story Analysis Social and Political Conflicts

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An overview of the actors of the conflict includes national congress party government whose president is Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir, the Sudan people liberation movement army headed by Abdullah Aziz Adam Alhilu, the commissioner of my village, my village mates and the family members.

The bad side of my story normally begun before 2011 but the most intriguing one shown up in the same year. Out of the sociological theories am going to use conflict theory. The government and rebels were the main actors. They conflicted against each other. The conflict was basically the need to be in power by each and every party. There was an election held in Nuba Mountain 2011, this caused chaos all over the country and within a month war broke out. The results were turned down by the government that is why the rebels were sad and they intended to wage war and before the war started the government started firing the missiles to the civilians and to the everybody. They had no clear relationship, their relationship was just limited to the power and when the power split the two parties also split and the results was dangerous as I witnessed the death of many.

The relationship, on the other hand, can be called conflict sociological relationship. It is actually the relationship that involves one party benefiting and the other party losing. I ran from Sudan because of conflict that exists in the country but again on my way out I encountered much more. First working day and night for seventeen days is not an easy thing. I and the co got blisters and injuries and others remained in the mercy of the forest. It is the story that I will never stop thinking of.

I selected conflict theory because the source of the problem I faced before was conflicted. The consequences of the conflict are so many so of which are the loss of properties, loss of lives, loss of identity especially when you leave your country like the way am now, maybe in the years to come I will lose my identity and the source of it is conflict.

Running to another country is also dangerous and many things can happen to you there including the new environment which will need you to take more time in order to adapt to it. And if you can’t adapt at a quicker time some of the rules and the low of that place will be likely to be not in favor of you.

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