An Impact of Women’s Rights Theme

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Gender equality is defined as the giving of rights and or opportunities unaffected by the gender of an individual. The female gender has struggled through hardship for over a hundred years due to the lack of women's rights. Unfair rights of the female gender have been noticed and individuals have taken action throughout history to resolve this issue. Females have taken notice throughout their journeys to encourage women rights worldwide. Individuals that have influenced a theme for these rights include Pocahontas, Margaret Brent, and Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig Hays). Pocahontas contributed to the power of the female gender. Margaret Brent influenced the start of gaining legal rights for women. Lastly, Molly Pitcher modeled different roles of a woman.The theme of women rights impacted America through gained power, law positions, and increased roles.

Lack of power is one thing women had throughout 1492 through 1789. Men were always held accountable for power in the community and even at home. Pocahontas was an individual who helped increase the respect given to women. She was the daughter of a powerful Chief Powhatan Leader. ( One event particularly that took place happened in 1607 right after settling in Jamestown. Pocahontas' brother kidnapped John Smith, a colonist. Warriors prepared to kill him by smashing stones at his head. Before the stoning took place Pocahontas placed her head on top of his, protecting him. Her father exchanged agreements with Smith and this lead to him leaving the colony. ( From this the reader can see that Pocahontas stood up to what she believed in. She took control and fought for Smith, this led to the gaining of her power as a woman.

Women with lawful positions throughout this time period were rarely acknowledged. Females were not looked to for legal issues or property control. Margaret Brent was known as a notable woman figure in early history. She was the first woman in the North American colonies to appear in court. Margaret Brent's parents struggled financially and after their deaths her and her siblings were on a financial decline. ( One event took place in 1645 changed Margaret's status in the colony. There was an attack on the Catholic settlers in Maryland and the governor fled along with the colonies people. Years later the governor returned with soldiers to protect the land of the colony. He soon became ill and gave his will to Margaret. She was responsible for the paying of his debts and getting rid of his land. She was not the first female in America to gain rights or even vote, but she help with the colonies success and protection. (

The roles of women throughout history were set in stone. They would stay at home to take care of the children and keep up with the house or living space. Molly Pitcher on the other hand, was a woman who fought in the battle Monmouth in 1778. During war, women were assigned to water duty. They would carry water jugs to the soldiers while at battle. ( Molly Pitcher was assigned to this job while her husband was an artilleryman. In June 1778, she was carrying water for the men when seeing her husband wounded she deserted her water jugs and took her husbands position. This act of Molly Pitcher was heard around by the people. George Washington was informed upon this act and he praised her for her doings. Her role of water duties were gone and she was working side by side with her husband. ( From this the reader can see how this one act of leadership from a female changed the perspective of many. After this event women were given a variety of different jobs during wars that impacted society today.

The roles of women throughout time began to increase. One event particularly involved Oberlin College. Oberlin College is located in Ohio. ( This college was founded in 1833 and was one of the first colleges to accept men and women to the school. Throughout this time period women were not able to go to school. Women provided for the family by staying at home and caring for the children and house chores. This all changed in 1841 when three women earned their bachelor's degree from Oberlin College. Mary Caroline Rudd was one individual who earned her degree.( She was the one of the first woman ever to receive a bachelor of arts degree. ( This was the start of something great. The roles of women would dramatically change after this event.

The next woman out of the three to earn their bachelor's degree was Mary Hosford. She also earned her degree in arts. The education of women was something that Oberlin College believed would increase the amount of success for women at home. Women's rights just began to take off from this point. The increase in education would lead to many different roles and jobs for women worldwide. ( This is something that was going to take months or even years. It was a step in the right direction for females in the United States.

The third women to graduate from Oberlin College was Elizabeth Prall. When enrolling in this school she was twenty one years old.( All three women greatly impacted the future of all women. Education for women is a vital part of the United States. Educating both men and women increase the success in the nation. Studies show that the education of women now, has lowered poverty rates and also has lowered the amount of sexually transmitted diseases by education women.( From this the reader can see that if these three women would have never enrolled in Oberlin College the world would not be how it is today.

In 1848, the Seneca Falls convention was the first convention held for women's rights. It took place in Seneca, New York and seven years later lead to the right for women to vote. One individual that was involved with this convention was Mary M'Clintock. (

M'Clintock put together the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery society. She was also involved with organizing the Seneca Falls Convention. This convention launched the start of the women's rights movement. M'Clintock was assigned secretary for this movement in New York. This movement allowed women to gain power in many ways.

The theme of women's rights impacted America through gained power, law positions, and increased roles. If these events would have never happened things today would not be the same. These three individuals influenced the idea of gender equality. Women's way of living was changed and grew from these past events in history.

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