Wide Range of Application

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Artificial Intelligence has a wide range of applications from devices in our homes to large corporations. There was time when companies had thousands of workers, either working on the line are supervising large crews. Businesses would collect data and create data charts to illustrate the growth index of their products. Mechanics would check machinery weekly and sometimes even spent a long time tending to an unexpected breakdown. Yet, in today’s business world we see how artificial intelligence is assisting companies to be more efficient in these areas.

The corporate world is able to cut their overhead cost and enhance their margin of profit. Walmart uses an AI program known as HANA, that can develop data on a cloud platform and provide the specific departments information ranging from sales transactions to customer information. The HANA can analyze data, and spot trends as well as irregularities. This can all be done in a matter of seconds. This AI can make your business a smart business as it collects and deciphers the information.

Companies collapsed years ago due to not knowing their customers’ needs, but today AI can help the businesses. Apptus is a program that assist companies in connecting with their customers. The Apptus Esales solution is the program that invades your computer with popups based on the previous search on a product. It can determine the product that might appeal to the consumer. One online company Bokus.com uses this automated system and it has reduced their overhead. AI predictive programs are evolving and will continue to mainly assist online businesses.

Sometimes workers were sent home early due to a line shutting down because a machine broke down. Today businesses can be more proactive and correct a problem before it effects their profit. Today’s machines have sensors, so they can be digitized, monitored for maintenance, and assessed through networks. General Electric uses a program known as Predix operating system, which powers industrial apps to process the historic performance data of equipment. This operating system can handle vast amounts of information. Our pipelines are monitored using Accenture’s Intelligent Pipeline Solution, and it manages safety of the lines and how resources are used. Aircrafts operators use apps to provide the airline engineers the prognostics of the landing gear to ensure it is maintained. These AI safety measures provide companies an opportunity to keep maintenance overhead cost down.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence provides businesses with a wide range of application. The business profits from utilizing AI, it may be used in collecting data, predicting consumers’ needs, or providing safety in machinery. Technology may be blamed to the shift in our workforce or even taking away jobs. However, we cannot turn back the clock, so as AI continues to improve it provides an infinite realm of application. AI can be found in many places from our homes to the corporate world, the AI presented in this paper are just a few ways businesses use artificial intelligence.

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