Social Media Impact

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Social Media Impact

Social media! What a huge word.

When it comes to social media, a lot of different thoughts will pop into your head; good ones and bad ones.

These platforms are getting famous in an unbelievable speed. Every single day the number of social media users is increasing in a very ridiculous way especially among teenagers!

Teenagers are the biggest part of social media users. They can spend more than 5 hours a day on social media; chatting, reading or playing video games.

An estimated 63% of teenagers say they use social media every day, while 45% say they are on the internet 'almost constantly,' according to the Pew Research Center, which conducted a 2018 survey including interviews with 743 teenagers. 

To sum up what social media is, you will end up by writing hundreds of pages but we will mention only the following; Social networking, news websites, entertainment sites and video games.

According to Social Media Marketing Tips (2018) In India, there are over 462 Million internet users and 200 Million are active social media users. In 2016, 24.33% of Indian Population accessed Internet via Mobile phone and the trend is predicted to grow at 37.36% by 2021. 

Social media has a lot of benefits and at the same time a lot of disadvantages too. What are the most important benefits? And what are the greatest impacts on teenagers?

As we said, social media benefits are numerous and countless but we can shed light on some of them or the most important ones.

First, teenagers when socially connected, they will feel less isolated. Teen ages are generally not secure so they don’t feel comfortable to trust their parents or their friends so they prefer to be socially active on these platforms more than interacting with their real life environment.

When a teenager spends hours in front of the screen, it means he’s doing something that makes him more connected.

Second, social media helps in learning about new cultures and traditions.

A lot of websites can show you different countries and their culture, traditions and food by just one click.

If you can’t travel to visit new countries, you can surf the internet.

Teenagers have curiosity naturally; so by searching for these info’s they will be able to know what other countries look like.

Plus, getting to know new cultures can make you want to learn their traditional dance for example, try their food or imitate their style.

Third, social media is an opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and creations so that everyone around the world can see who you truly are. It can also help in promoting products.



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