Autism and Vaccines

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Autism and Vaccines

Vaccines save lives; fear endangers them. It's a simple message parents need to keep hearing  Jeffrey Kluger, vaccines have always been wrongly accused of being threatening for human health, however vaccination opposition is as old as vaccination itself, one of the biggest accusations is that vaccines are the main cause of Autism, a complex mental and developmental disorder that is characterized by difficulties in social environments, verbal and nonverbal communication, and occasional problems with behavior, the growth of this mental condition has increased enormously the last 14 years, however, no, vaccines do not cause autism because they're designed to be easily handled by the human immune system, autism is also a birth defect not something that manifest later in life , and a gigantic number studies have denied any type of relation between these two.

It has been a very clashing discussion the argument of whether vaccines have been designed to heal and aid the human body, and even when the answer seems obvious many people argue that the elements and chemicals that are used to create this medications have made vaccines more damaging than they are helpful, although this rumor has been widely spread and had poisoned the mind of many people, this theory is completely false A Baby's immune system can easily handle the vaccines recommended for infant and toddlers (evidence shows vaccines) This words were written by The immunization action coalition, a nonprofit organization that is completely devoted on educating the people on the benefits and the importance of vaccines. They have investigated the human immune system and its answer to vaccines which gives them the criteria to expose the falsehood of these allegations. Some people worry that receiving too many vaccines early in life can  overwhelm a baby's immune system and that this somehow can lead to autism. This doesn't fit with what we know about the remarkable capacity of the immune system (evidence shows vaccines) since the moment a baby is born their body has to confront with dangerous microorganism's displayed like bacteria,viruses, and fungi. And inside of these organisms there are far many more antigens which are the bad type of organisms for the human body than in all of the recommended childhood vaccines combined, this is irrefutable proof that vaccines contain no potential danger for the human body.

Autism is usually manifested when the child is 18-24 months old which had led many people to believe that vaccines are the cause for this behavioral change since most of them are given within this range age, however, the majority of these people are desperate parents who don't fully understand the situation and need something to blame it on, anyhow this accusations couldn't be further from the truth developmental specialist, however, can identify early signs of autism in children when they are much younger(evidence shows vaccines) there is a great deal of doctors that have dedicated their lives to the understanding of autism and they have been able to detect this disorder in children way before they start getting their shots. Researchers have used functional MRI [magnetic resonance imaging] scans to study the connection in areas of the brain that control language, social, and emotional processes, suggesting that these abnormalities contribute to the development of autism(evidence shows vaccines)  autism is a very convoluted mental condition and the results for these researches are only clues that will contribute to a further investigation on it and highlight that the cause of autism is far more complicated than just pointing at something as harmless as vaccines.

        The supposed link between vaccines and autism has caught the attention of many scientist and doctors that also want to investigate, research, and finally share an opinion on the subject, while the big majority of these people support the use of vaccines there are also groups that are fully committed to defame the properties of vaccines, a great example of one of these groups is the one led by the britain Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the head of a 12 member group that had published many anti-vaccine articles and researches, however, as the Doctor John Calfee states a series of studies (summarized in Offit's two books) had failed to replicate Wakefield's results and in fact had ruled out any connection between autism and any vaccine, including the MMR vaccine (Calfee, John E.) and as it was expected these studies have been proven to be baseless, apart from these false accusations research has also been done in the other side of the argument, and it is much stronger evidence, there is a institution that helps provide guidance to congress in scientific issues called the institute of medicine. consensus report strongly stated that the evidence did not show a link between vaccines and autism(evidence shows vaccines) This statement was done after The Institute Of Medicine reviewed and studied about 1,200 studies on the matter, even when this number studies seems enormous there are more companies, clinics and institutions that have analyzed the issue like the RAND company that in 2011 published an article on the anti-vaccine movement denying any relationship between Autism and vaccines, or even the Federal Court that after examining 939 articles on the concern concluded as stated that the evidence was overwhelmingly contrary to the idea that autism is triggered by vaccines, and there is not bigger proof on a scientific issue that the opinion of hundreds of scholars, scientifics, and doctors combined on the same side of the argument.

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