My Reflection on Vaccines

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Around ninety percent of children around the world are vaccinated. Chances are you were vaccinated as a child as well. Around seventy-one percent of parents believe that vaccines are important while only three percent believe it is unimportant at all. Sarah Pope of the Healthy Home Economist is one of the people who falls under the three percent that believe vaccines are not important. She goes as far as to give reasons why you should not vaccinate your kids on her article which she wrote on June 5th, 2018. I was personally vaccinated, and I do believe that it has protected me from dangerous illnesses as a child and has bettered my immune system. Sarah Pope is wrong about her views on vaccination.

         In her article she states that all vaccines are chock-full of harmful chemicals and metals that could permanently hurt your child. That is false. Vaccines are full of antigens which are small or dead bacteria that the body can learn how to fight so that once they experience the real deal it will be ready. And the metals that are in the vaccine are there so that your body will fight back more aggressively. She says formaldehyde which is used in vaccines are also dangerous and irresponsible. Formaldehyde is used in vaccines that is true but only to produce the vaccine. The finished product has minute traces if any. There is actually more formaldehyde in our body naturally then there is in vaccines.

        She also states about how kids who are not vaccinated are naturally healthier than those who are vaccinated. Before vaccines nearly twenty-one thousand kids died of diphtheria, five hundred thirty thousand died of the measles, and four million died from varicella. Ever since vaccines have been introduced the amount of deaths by kids who have been vaccinated has gone down to zero for diphtheria, sixty-one for measles, and four hundred thousand for varicella. That may sound like a lot but compared to the four million that's an eighty-nine percent decrease. She claims that vaccinated children are often prone to ADHD, asthma, and even autism. The first paper saying that vaccines cause autism was published in 1998 and they only did test on twelve children. Investigations led to the original publishers taking the papers down and saying they no longer stand by their opinion. At that point the papers had already spread leading to an unpopular opinion that vaccines can cause autism and other negative side effects.

        She tries to convince you that the Lyme vaccine being pulled off the markets is a victory for anti-vaccers as it shows that people who used it were complaining that they had negative side effects. While in reality the vaccine was pulled from the shelves due to poor sales. Ramona Dubose, spokesperson for GlaxoSmithKline, stated that there just isn't a high demand for the Lyme vaccine anymore. The claims that people getting symptoms was debunked when five thousand got the vaccine shot and five thousand got a dummy shot. Two percent from each group stated they had gotten similar symptoms. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested the vaccine and found no side effects linked to arthritis or anything else negative. The only thing they found was allergic reactions which they are still testing.

        Sarah Pope is an anti-vaccer just like all the others. Not doing enough research to know her topic, leaving out key information so that the story is twisted to fit her point of view, and spreading lies to all the other gullible anti-vaccers. Vaccines are one of the best solutions to lowering the child mortality rate. All because some doctor published some fake news document they got a whole wash of people up in a fit. Tens of thousands of children around the world are dying to avoidable diseases because they are not vaccinated. That's why I'm grateful that I am vaccinated

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