Why Millennials not Getting Married?

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 Millennials are not getting married as much as people did in previous generations because of many reasons. The reasons are, that some Millennials are not financially stable, some are not ready to start a family yet, some are just not ready to give a commitment, and some think that they are too young. According to time.com, about 20% of Americans older than 25 had always been single in 2012. Each decade, the percentage of people of marriageable age who are single has grown (Luscombe 2014). The two reasons why people give for their singlehood are that they have not found the right person and aren’t financially stable enough.

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“Why Millennials not Getting Married?”

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Firstly, millennials are not getting married as much as people did in previous generations because they have not found the right person. Millennials prefer someone who has a secure job, who they may be compatible with, and who have similar thoughts and opinions. People in previous generations would get married because they did not have many preferences of what they wanted in a person, and the world was not as well developed as it is right now. People in previous generations did not have a high standard of thinking than that of Millennials have in this generation. Seeing how well-developed the world is right now, most millennials will not rush into something like marriage because they are most probably aware that a marriage needs dedication and some scarification. Millennials who are rushing into marriage without being one-hundred percent sure, end up getting a divorce, losing interest in the other person, and/or getting side-tracked.

Young adulthood is a time when people are vested in themselves. They want to figure themselves out before going into a marriage. They do not want to invest their time into someone else before creating a fulfilling life for themselves and then stepping into something big like marriage. According to huffingtonpost.com, Alison Sher says, when we try to commit, we often get burned. We end up sacrificing our path and purpose to take care of someone else, who hasn’t figured out how to do it on their own. We form chemical attachments with people before we know the type of person we’d truly be compatible with. We get hooked to what we think the future is going to look like and try to control someone else so that our dreams work out (Sher 2017). Basically, they’re afraid to commit. People nowadays escape from the word commitment’. They do not want to give someone their one-hundred percent until they have figured out themselves.

Lastly, some Millennials are not yet financially stable enough. According to forbes.com, from aGallop poll in August, 28% of 18 – 34-year-olds are currently married, while 56% are unmarried but aspire to the institution.Among Millennials, those of 51% who were earning more than $75,000 a year were actually the most likely to be married by a wide margin. Compared to 19% for the lowest earning Millennials earning less than $30,000, and 21% for those pulling in mid-range salaries between $30,000 – $75,000 (Henderson 2014). Looking at these statistics, it was clear that, Millennials who more financially stable than the ones who were not, were the ones likely to get married. So, a financial state does matter a lot when it comes to marriage because without being financially stable, you cannot start your own family, and nor will the family increase.

The two reasons why Millennials are not getting married as much as people did in previous generations is because they have not found the right person and they are not financially stable. In this generation (21st century), people are so busy with their lives, busy with accomplishing so many goals, that the thought of getting married does not occur to them. They want to become successful, get a good education so that they can earn good, and become financially stable to where they can then think about marriage and starting a family. According to forbes.com, instead of viewing marriage as a stepping stone to greater economic stability, it seems as if Millennials see economic stability as a prerequisite for marriage (Henderson 2014). If Millennials think more than just economic stability as a prerequisite for marriage, then they may want to change their minds about waiting until their late 30s or 40s to get married.

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