why Franklin Valued Learning

Franklin valued learning and was constantly striving to gain knowledge and improve himself. He would do certain things to improve his writing and his reputation. Franklin would always want to gain knowledge and improve. This autobiography showed how he wanted to improve and showed how he had improved. Franklin helped people, improved his group writings and did things to help the community. I had chosen the second option to write about this story because it felt most suitable for me.

In Franklins group, junto he would use his partners work to edit and make it his own, an example of this from his autobiography. The rules that I drew up required that every member, in his turn, should produce one or more queries on any point of morals, politics, or natural philosophy, to be discussed by the company (45). Franklin would take the prints from some of the group members, and print it as his own, then would use them to improve his work and knowledge. Franklin would then post his paper to the public, showing how he had improved. Franklin would not be a bad person and steal his groups writings, he would use them to help improve his own. Franklin would help his group improve as well, he would help them with their papers, inventions and many other things. He had loved doing this to help the community and just to entertain children.

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Throughout the book, franklin would use virtues to help him get through tough times and use to use them everyday for good outcome. 1. Temperance eat not to dullness, drink not to elevation. 2. Silence speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation (64 65). This quote proves my point with franklin using these every day. For temperance, he uses this virtue to control his temper. For silence, he shows how to avoid bad conversations and to keep his mouth shut. These virtues had helped franklin all throughout his life, meaning that if something were to happen, he would try and avoid the situation and keep his mouth shut to not get in trouble.

Franklin would help others in need to help his reputation grow. He would take advantage of this to make others look at him differently, to see how much of a great person he is. This man continued to live in this decaying place, and to declaim some strain, refusing for many years to buy a house there (45). This quote shows how franklin found this homeless man and had visited him and gave him food and water. He would do this to help the man, and gain reputation with others. Franklin would always want to help his reputation grow, but at the same time he would really want to help the people in need. Franklin would not only do this for his reputation, but to help the people in need to help them live a better life. Ever since he had left his family, he wouldnt want anything bad to happen to the families in his city, this is why he had made so many inventions to help the community survive.

My thesis statement and supporting evidence proves that franklin would always want to improve with his knowledge and improve his reputation. The supporting evidence in this paper shows how he would help people to improve his reputation, he would use his group partners writings to improve his own and he would invent things such as power, furniture and clothes. Franklin had left his family due to a drinking problem, but this had inspired him to do things for the better. This is what made franklin write, invent things and help people in the community.

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