Analysis of the Autography of Benjamin Franklin

Analysis on the Autography of Benjamin Franklin Introduction Benjamin Franklin is among the most outstanding mentors the American society has in history. Coming from an average middle-class family, Benjamin rose to become one of the most famous and admired personalities in the world. Benjamin starts his autography as a letter and message to his son of the anecdotes of his life and family members. In the second phase, his choice of words and use of language are meant to be more educative and form a perfect example from his own life (Franklin, 1981). The later parts of the autography are centred on details that are of particular interest to the history of America. Franklin outlines the utmost importance of recounting the major historical occasions that happened under his watch. This essay will give an in-depth analysis of the eighteenth-century America according to Benjamin Franklinr’s autobiography.

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“Analysis of the Autography of Benjamin Franklin”

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Also, the write up will outline and discuss the changes to society, culture and politics as portrayed by Franklin. Eighteenth-Century America Through the autography, Franklin portrays a colonial state where there was free economic mobility. As he begins to outline the escapades that led to his first job, Franklin talks of how he escaped to Philadelphia as a seventeen-year-old teen and started working in printer shops. He explains how he was displeased by the jobs just after a few months and wanted a job that was better paying and had better terms of service. He later met Governor Sir William who convinced him of traveling to London. However, on getting to London Franklin was disappointed as what he had been promised was not the case forcing him back to Philadelphia. Franklin hints to us that the eighteenth century was an era of reason. The age was characterized by inventions and a collection of several other scientists. By the then inventions, the populace was convinced that perfection in life was attainable and also had the illusion that no single problem was enormous enough for technology not to handle it.

Also, from the autography, one can deduce that the period was not sufficiently educated as Franklin was on the frontline sensitizing the need for educating women, especially in accounting. More so, Franklin insisted that Latin should be taught in schools as the least important language as opposed to then, where Latin was second from English. However, Franklin’s picture of the American people and nation are a personal account of what transpired by then, and not everyone had his life. Moreover, Franklin describes how America contributed to the India and French war. In this context, he greatly criticized the massive contributions to the war made by the government from taxing it citizens (Cain & Hopkins, 1986).

In one such occasion, he was the governmentr’s spokesperson in highly sensitive and publicized testimonial case in parliament where he outlined that the government was paying soldiers and facilitating the war. Again, after his return to Pennsylvania, Franklin helped in the organization of a local militia group that was able to counter the attack of The Paxton Boys (an organized group that underestimated the Pennsylvania government in protecting them against the raids from American Indians). Changes in the Eighteenth Century It is during the eighteenth century that the religion theology had popularised and preachers emerged. However, the content of the ministers and ministry was more often misguided and away from the original content and objective. On top of that, the middle eighteenth-century colony population was by far wealthier than their forefathers. This prosperousness was associated with the spirit and grace of God.

Through the religion, the people gained value for themselves and changed their perspective of viewing things and circumstances. Religion taught that hard work pays off and if one did what was right and avoided offending God, they would have nothing to fear. Religion by then had a way of frightening the congregation and the offering them an escape by accepting the salvation (Young, 1998). However, things rapidly changed and the precedence given to religion is preoccupied with science and technological inventions (US history, 1995).

Through his autobiography, Franklin provides a glimpse of how the American colonies used art, print, fashion, and ideas to have an identity that was unique and somewhat different from the British counterparts. The colonial land had gained fame and with it came great challenges such as the unconditional religious obedience. However, religious liberty was later obtained from which the cries and woes for independence and freedom came (Clarke, 1988). Of more interest is the religious plurality and diversification that was achieved and is still in place today. Each colony had developed its own culture and practices. This effect was due to the absence of a constable and stable transport system which was worsened by the uncorrelated nature of the political powers between the colonies (Greene, 1969). Actually, one may find it hard to differentiate between the European culture and some of the American cultures as they had significantly deviated from each other but were more similar to the European culture.

However, the colonies became more united and integrated by the circumstances and situations they were facing as a result of the economic issues. The consumer practices of the colonies were also similar which meant that the tough economy and frustrations were experiences across the board (Robbins, 2004). These challenges changed the culture of the colonies and integrated them to a more similar one that had incorporated the practices of several of the colonies.

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