Benjamin Franklin and Colonial America

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Few people in the history of the United States of America can be said to be as impactful as the founding fathers. The most impactful of those said founding fathers must be Benjamin Franklin. A politician, scientist, and revolutionary, Benjamin Franklin had done a great deal of things for the betterment of America and the betterment of the world. Born in Boston as the 10th son of the soap maker Josiah Franklin to his second wife Abiah Folger Benr's life was almost set in stone before he was of 10 years old. his father had intended for Benjamin to become a clergymen, However the funds were not in that favor. Unable to get the necessary years of schooling for the clergy Benjamin was instead sent as an apprentice to his older brother a printer by the name of James Franklin when Benjamin was 12 years old. By the time Benjamin was 15 his older brother chose to open a newspaper shop with the equipment from the printing business. The opening of his brothers newspaper was Benjamin's first interaction with the public and the start of his career as a public figure. First writing articles under an alias as Silence Dogood. 14 letters later and Ben revealed to he had been the writer, to the praise of friends and the public but to the dismay of his brother who was jealous of the attention was now receiving. This would be the start of a rift between the two brothers and would climax so years later. But for now the brothers were at odds with the puritan preachers, the Mathers, on the matter of immunization and general treatment for smallpox within Boston. The two brothers took the side of the public, feeling that inoculation wasnt the way to deal with the smallpox threat. However, that public support dried up fast for the Franklins after James had begun to criticize the church during the debates and in the articles. Culminating in James spreading time in jail for his views. This would be Benjaminr's first chance at real control, and as could be expected from the then young man he had kept the business floating long enough for his brother to be able to serve his time. Instead of the expected praise Ben was met with ridicule and beatings of which reopened the rift between the brothers and Ben was pressured to run away from the treatment. Although running away was a discouraged practice at the time Ben still went through with it and ended in philadelphia, Ben was lucky to be accepted into the city and was quick to work with his skills and talents. This would be the conclusion to Benjamin's young life save for his having a child in 1728 and the following Deborah Read. Benjamin Franklin coming into his middle ages was a far different man from the subservient apprentice he had been. His second phase of life was his adventures and success into the world of entrepreneurship. Not content with just a printer shop Benjamin strived for the best and opened his own general store with his wife. Even two stores were not enough for Benjamin, so he took it upon himself to enlighten the general public and improved the quality of the average citizen's life with both political essays published in his newspaper and his writing of Poor Richard's Almanac. The almanac was one of Benr's first major achievements for the advancement of society. The almanac was a yearly published book that contained information for the tides and astronomy. From the book came a large portion of Benjamin Franklin's famous quotes such as a penny saved is a penny earned. To accompany this public service was the start of Ben's involvement in fire safety, which at the time was a major fear for the citizens of philadelphia. Followed up by his lobbying for the eventual creation of a city fire department. This and other scientific achievements
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