Why Adnan is Innocent Essay

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 Imagine you’re 18, about to graduate, when suddenly everything comes crashing down. You are suddenly arrested for the murder of your ex girlfriend, a crime you swear you didn’t commit. The only evidence they have on you is a testimony from someone you know named a Jay, though that couldn’t possibly be enough to convict you right? Wrong, before you know it you are sentenced to life in prison for a murder you’re certain you didn’t commit before you even got a high school diploma. This is exactly what happened to Adnan Syed, and 8 year old senior who was wrongfully arrested for the murder of Hae Min Lee in 199. that In my opinion, I believe that Adnan Syed is innocent because Jay is unreliable, he had an alibi, and he acted normal after the break up.

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“Why Adnan is Innocent Essay”

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Some might argue that Jay’s testimony proves Adnan killed Hae. Of course we can all agree that Jay’s testimony makes Adnan look suspicious. However, Jay’s testimony is not reliable due to the fact that he is a drug dealer and the amount of trouble he’s had with the law before that deal with drugs. Jay had changed his story many times as he told it to law enforcement, he even lied to the police the first time that he spoke to them. He also lied to others around him, like Jen, who he told he had no part in the murder at all, and the phone booth he said Adnan called him at has no record of ever existing in the first place. He had suspicious behavior as well, making sure to wipe the shovels they allegedly used to burry Hae’s body and disposing of the clothes he wore the night of the murder, he took more precautions that he should have if he was really as innocent as he claims. With all of this, how could Jay be trusted to be such a big part of Adnan’s conviction when Jay himself has a history of lies and breaking the law? When observing how many holes there are in Jay’s story, and how suspicious Jenn described his behavior, it almost seems that Jay was the one who did it. It can be seen that Adnan was really close to Jay’s girlfriend Stephanie, whose parents like Adnan way more than Jay, this might have created just enough built up jealousy for Jay to do something so horrifying, then blame his actions on Adnan.

Another argument the opposing side would make is that Adnan’s cell placed him near Leakin’ Park on the day of Hae’s murder. Of course we can all agree that Adnan’s cell phone was in that central area. However, Cell tower evidence, exactly like was used in Adnan’s case is very often inadmissible as evidence in cases that happen today because of how unreliable it can be and how many mistakes and inconsistencies that can happen with it. Therefore, it’s not fair that this was used as major part in the case against him. Cell towers also overlap which can cause an inaccurate location to be shown and the cell tower can’t show your exact location in the first place, only the area you might be around. As well as all of this we can’t even be sure that Adnan had his phone on him. Adnan could of easily left in Jay’s car after they went shopping earlier that day for Stephanie’s present, instead of Adnan being near Leakin’ Park, it really could have been Jay. No one can be for certain who had Adnan’s phone at the time and even if he did have his phone at the time, he could have been simply driving by when the tower was activated. The idea that Adnan was not in Leakin’ Park is also supported by a letter sent from Asia McClean. In the letter she wrote to Adnan, she said that she had seen Adnan in the library right next to the school, within the seven time period that Hae was killed in. Asia had no strong relation to Adnan as far as friend groups or a anything, so she had no reason to lie. With this, no one had ever even seen a Hae with Adnan after school so it comes down to the story told by Asia, or the story told by Jay, the drug dealing felon.

A third argument those who think Adnan is guilty might argue is that he did it because of his suspected motive. Both sides can agree that Adnan and Hae’s fresh break up makes Adnan look like an obvious suspect. However, it was seen many times that Adnan acted totally normal after the break up. His friends said he was just sad, feeling as any other teen would feel after a break up. In fact, Adnan would almost seem more suspicious if he had no feels of sadness after the break up. Saad even said that very soon after the break up Adnan had already moved on to other girls, saying he was a player and hooking up with at least three girls less than a month after the break up, which shows that the break up didn’t even affect him that much. Even when Hae and Adnan were together it was described as a happy and average teen relationship, and they barely had any arguments at all. Hae’s diary also showed this. Adnan also showed having no hard feelings toward Hae when he would talk to her normally quite frequently. In early January, Hae had gotten into a car crash and helped her along with her new boyfriend Don, who later said that Adnan was really calm and cool. It was clear that they stayed friends and no one Adnan knew saw any strong tension after their relationship.

In conclusion, because of how unreliable Jay is, how Adnan had an alibi, and how normally he acted after the break up, it is clear that Adnan is innocent. In my opinion I think that the following steps need to be taken: First Adnan should be given a retrial. Due to the amount of evidence supporting that he is innocent and the fact that his original trial was unfair, he should he granted this retrial. Second, once he is proven innocent I think that a Adnan should be offered a substantial amount of financial compensation for the loss of over 18 years of his life for a crime he didn’t commit by suing the state for as much as he can. Though this can’t make up for the years of his life he lost, it will help support him while he looks for work and help him continue life. Lastly, I think that Hae’s murder case should be reopened, and they should continue to look for Hae’s killer. Was well as this, I think that Jay should be thoroughly investigated because since Adnan would be free, it would be clear he was lying in his story, so he obviously has a part in her death. 

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