Name Reflection Essay

First and foremost the name franklyn came from a British origin meaning Freeman. My name was given to me by my dad because he thought it was a very successful name. He gave this name to me because everyone that he has heard off with the name Franklyn has been successful.

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To me the name Franklyn means someone with style dignity and class, so basically they like to do things on their own without the consent of anyone. I say this because for me I do not like to copy what other people are doing or listen to authority I just live by my own rules. One of the stories I was told by my dad why he chose the name Franklyn for me is because he knows this guy name Franklyn and he was a very successful guy, his businesses never seemed to be going on the down low and he is always been good to people. 

The other story he told me why he gave me this name is because of one of America’s greatest heroes Benjamin Franklin because he was also a very great man and he helps achieve a lot of thing during the American Revolution and he was also one of the men who help to contribute on the Declaration of Independent. The way I feel about my name is quiet sterling because it mean Freeman and I am a person that does not like to listen or live by other people rules, so I believe my name suits me well and I am agreeable with it. The only bad thing about my name is that it not that name that lots of parents usually think about to name their kids, like Josh, Jonny, Bill etc.

In conclusion the other thing I noticed when I tell people my name hey usually think am from some European country or the U. S.

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